How To Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

We have all been deceived by the countless diets that are thrown our way to achieve a healthy weight, but it has all been for naught. Setting realistic weight loss goals is the only thing that will help you get through the painful journey of losing a few pounds. But most of the people do not realize that, and that’s what makes their journey painful.

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals
Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

If you think you can lose 5 kg in a week, that’s where you are wrong my friend. It does not work that way. And starving yourself the whole day is not suitable for your body. Try setting a different and more achievable goal, like say 1 kg a week. When placing a goal, keep in mind both the progress and the result. Don’t waste away your body by excessive dieting.

Weight loss requires the attention of both mind and body. This article will help you achieve your realistic weight goal by keeping the following things in mind:

Make A Plan

What is your ideal body weight? How much do you need to lose? How many calories do you take in a day? How many calories do you need to burn in a day? Write it all down. Make a plan. Make it official. We might not realize it, but an idea is essential before you go into dieting. And planning is going to help you along your journey.

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Healthy Diet Plan


You can’t diet appropriately for a month and leave it at that. Lacking motivation is the sole reason why people almost never achieve their weight goals. Skipping the diet for a day or two to go back to unhealthy food is not helping anyone, least of all yourself. You need to keep a healthy mind about staying healthy and following the plan that you created before starting all this.

A lot of people put motivational quotes all around their house to help with their journey. Some people put up their diet plan, so they know what they are working towards. Whichever way helps you, do not give up once you have started.

Healthy Choices

And now that your mind is all set, it’s time to get down to business. Throw away all the unhealthy food in your house and stock it with healthier food. But that does not mean that you compromise in your taste. Healthy eating can be yummy too. See what you like and include it in your daily diet.

Some changes that you need to make in your diet are:

  • Use whole grain
  • Eat more greens
  • Have several helpings of fruits and vegetables in a day
  • Use olive oil for cooking
  • Avoid dairy products and sugar

Weight Loss Food

Physical Activity

Although weight loss can be achieved by dieting only, it’s better that you couple it up with daily exercise. Exercises will make your weight loss progress go faster and better. Make sure that you do not start your initial activities hard or heavy, as your body is not accustomed to such movement. Start with a few warm-up exercises that are easy to handle and day by day increase your level. In this way, your body will get healthier and stronger, which will be helpful for you in the long run.

Following are some of the benefits of exercising daily:

  • Helps you quit addictions
  • Good for maintaining cholesterol
  • Reduces risk of heart diseases
  • Helps in your thinking capabilities
  • Improve your health and body
  • Prevents aging

20 Minute Workout

Permanent Changes

Once you have achieved your weight loss goals, that doesn’t mean you give up all these healthy habits that you have acquired over this time. Keep going through these routines, and you would never have to worry about your body ever again. Going back to your old habits will ruin all the work you have put on your body and staying healthy will once again seem like a painful journey. Makes these changes permanent in your life and be healthy forever.

The Reason For Weight Loss

Why are you trying to lose weight? The “why” in this question is very important. And it’s crucial that you figure out the answer to this yourself first.

Do not do it because everyone is doing it. Do not do it because you envy the girl on the front page of the magazine. Do it because you want to stay healthy. Do it because for you, protecting your mind and body is essential. Do not burden yourself by the standards of the society and do what’s best for you.

Smaller Goals

Patience is the key here. Weight loss can take a lot of time and therefore requires motivation and patience for you keep continuing. Once your final goal has been set, it’s important to set small goals as well, which help you keep your peace of mind. Let’s say you make an intention to burn a certain amount of calories in a day, and when you complete that goal, you feel like you have achieved something. So take baby steps and keep setting smaller goals, and losing weight would feel like a piece of cake, which you cannot have.

PhenQ Weight Loss

I am not saying it’s a comfortable ride, but it’s not impossible. Once you make up your mind, you can do anything. Achieving that ideal body weight might seem like a daunting task right about now, but once you follow these rules, it would be pretty straightforward. Don’t take it to heart and don’t burden yourself. Enjoy your meal, your workout and your daily routine and be happy. Include a friend in this plan of yours, and it would be much easier for you. Remember that you are not doing this for the sake of a killer body, but for your health.