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How To Spot On The Best Ping Pong Tables

If you are in the lookout for the best ping pong tables, it is only necessary that you take as much time as you need and consider all important factors to minimize the chances of regrets and disappointments in the end. But, with the many ping pong tables in the market today, this supposedly easy task becomes daunting and overwhelming.

Best Ways To Spot On The Best Ping Pong Table To Purchase

How To Spot On The Best Ping Pong Tables

The job may be hard, but following the guidelines below and checking on different review sites like review can somehow help you find the perfect ping pong table for you, without sweat.

Your search must not start without asking yourself questions that can help you determine which among the ping pong tables is best for you.

To kick it off, below are a few questions you need to evaluate:

  • How many times do you plan to use the ping pong table?

Is it for daily, weekly, monthly or occasional use? You would want to invest more on ping pong tables that will be used daily than occasionally.

  • Who will use the ping pong table?

Is the table supposed to be used by professional players, club players, league players, recreational players or you just want to limit its use by your family and friends?

  • How much space can you leave for the ping pong table?

Make sure that you asses the available space in your home or anywhere you want it stored or used. Do you want the table erected and always available to use or you want it kept and stored most of the time?

  • Will it be used indoors or outdoors?

The make of the ping pong table must be appropriate to where it is to be used. If it is outdoors, more robust, and weatherproof materials are recommended while indoors, you can use wood or any other material with the same quality.

Now that you determine the above, it is time for you to start shopping for a ping pong table that is perfectly suitable to your needs.

What To Look For In A Ping Pong Table

After accomplishing the above activity, it is time for you to start researching and checking from the pool of ping pong tables in the market.

Some think that all ping pong tables are the same, but actually, it is not.

1. Check on the ping pong tabletop

This is one of the first things people look into when considering the quality of a ping pong table. The thicker the top, the better. Amateur players may find it hard to differentiate 22mm to 25mm thickness, but professional players can definitely see, and feel the difference. 22m is already fantastic but 25mm is a bit better than that.

It is highly discouraging that you buy thinner ping pong tables as it makes lousy bounces and it is easily damaged and ripped. If you are just starting, you may want to buy a table that has a medium thickness, 16mm to 19mm. The medium thickness is enough to give you a consistent bounce.

2. Aluminum or wood play surface

Another factor to consider when buying a ping pong table is its overall make. You might be more familiar with the wooden make, as most of the ping pong tables are made of that. The wood play surface is a perfect choice for indoors. It looks classy and never goes out of fashion and style. But, if you are planning to use it outdoors, choosing aluminum is better. Wood may warp and get damaged in extreme temperatures, moisture, or excessive humidity. Wood may be a perfect choice, but it has a lot of limitations.

There are weatherproof aluminum materials used for the purpose of outdoor ping pong. These kinds of tops have a wood core wrapped in an aluminum shell. The aluminum shell makes it 100% robust to any weather condition and perfect for outdoor use. It is also concocted to resist warping.

3. Storing and folding

Another important factor to consider when buying a ping pong table is its ability to store and fold. This is important for people who have no plans of using it every day or planning to use it only on special occasions. Actually, even if it is for daily use considering its storing and folding capabilities is recommended.

Choose a ping pong table that can be stored and folded compactly. This will give you the assurance that it can fit even to small storage in your home.

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Buying a ping pong table may not be as easy as you think. With the many options of ping pong tables in the market today, buying the best one for you may not come the easiest. The best ping pong table for one may not be best for you, hence consider your needs, purposes, and interest in playing the sport.

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