How To Start Online Business Without Money – Beginners Guide

“I’ve Got a business idea but I have no money to start it up” This phrase is something I’ve heard again and again . . . and again from students, friends, and sometimes even colleagues. While it’s true that a generous credit line, a team of investors, or an uncle with deep pockets can make starting a company easier, “not having money is no excuse”.

If you are confident that you have a product or service people want, don’t allow the lack of capital to deter you from your business goals. By pivoting, grinding it out, getting creative, and differentiating yourself, you can bootstrap your way to a successful business.

Start Online Business Without Money

Start Online Business Without Money
Start Online Business Without Money

You might be limited to a strict budget when you want to start a business, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any options. It is possible to start a business with very little money if you have the right combination of skills, work ethic, and marketing know-how. According to Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 startup, “To succeed in a business project, especially one you’re excited about, it helps to think carefully about all the skills you have that could be helpful to others and particularly about the combination of those skills.”

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Here is the list of 10 businesses which you can start if you didn’t have any money to start :

1. Personal Creations

First off, there are personal creations, like arts and crafts. For example, if you’re a painter, you could sell your works of art with an investment of nothing more than art supplies and your own time. Platforms like Etsy, eBay and Amazon cater to creators and make it easy to turn a profit from your work.

2. In-home services

Services don’t cost you any money up-front because they’re intangible goods. And if you’re working in people’s own homes or neighborhoods, you won’t need a physical headquarters for your business. For example, you could start a babysitting service, a dog-walking or pet-sitting service or something like landscaping or snow-plowing.

3. Blogging

If you have an expertise, passion or interest for a subject then you are ready to start to make money with a blog. With a service like a blogger [ ], you can easily start up of your blog and which is totally free because blogger is a platform which will give you an opportunity to create your blog free without any cost. If you want then you can also create your own site and also secure your hosting on a low and an affordable price and which is generally the route I will be recommended to peoples who want to enter into this field.

You may think that blogging is a whole game about writing and providing the unique content to your readers. And it can be off that’s what you want to do i.e what is your motive to do with this. But the written blog posts are just the start. If you want then you can also post photos, links, and videos on other sites, report news, and other articles.

4. Repair or skill-based services

If you have a specific skill, you could use your skilled labor as the main revenue driver for your business. For example, if you’re a handyman, you could cater to homeowners who don’t know much about home repairs. Just like in-home services, these types of gigs don’t require you to have a physical establishment and don’t require you to invest in anything up-front, except perhaps the tools or equipment you’re going to need for the job, which will vary in cost.

5. Resale

The idea behind resale is simple: You acquire products and sell them to other people. You can use drop shipping or wholesaling to acquire these goods. With drop shipping, you’ll ship directly from the manufacturer (and turn a lower profit), but you’ll need almost no startup cash. With wholesaling, you’ll need more money and space up-front, but you’ll end up with more control and more money.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Let me tell you that affiliate marketing is somewhat similar to the drop shipping but with the little differences. you have to pick a profitable niche to your online business and then you have to find an affiliate partner who has products which were available in that niche.

Basically, in affiliate marketing you have to promote the products on which you will get a particular amount of commission on each products sale i.e if you want to decide to promote a product which has a commission of $30 then every time you will sell that product you will get a $30 in the form of commission. There are lots of affiliate networks which have full of trending products like Maxbounty, Amazon, CPA Prosperity, Click Bank, And CJ Affiliate.

7. Consulting

Many workers think about becoming entrepreneurs only after getting several years of professional experience under their belt. Think about the industry you’re in, and how much you’ve been able to learn in that time. Up-and-coming professionals, or startup business owners will likely be glad to pay you for your expertise. Consulting is a service that costs only time to produce but can be highly valuable as a career opportunity.

8. Micropreneurship

Of course, you could also piece together your own miniature business through micro and shared-economy opportunities. For example, you could drive for a service like Uber, or rent your home out through Airbnb or find similar services that make use of what you’ve already got. After you get your business started and start earning revenue, your lack of startup capital will become less of a problem. You can reap the profits from your venture and reinvest them, or use them to start an even bigger business.

9. Utilize Low-Cost Services

 As mentioned previously, you can use sites such as Fiverr or Elance to advertise your products and services on, but you can also use these platforms to build up your own company. For instance, many designers offer $5 to $25 logo designs (that come with free revisions). Sort by reviews and look at past examples to find a designer or service provider that matches your style.

This is a great way to get branding materials, printed items (Vistaprint and Zazzle are great places to buy personalized items), or other needed items without much cost. And for additional savings, be sure to look for coupon codes on sites such as RetailMeNot before checking out at any online retailer!

10. Graphic Design

One major landmark about the computer is, you could probably become a professional in any field by accident. Graphic design is one of the “Experts by Accident” job am talking about. At least with the little time I have spent on the computer in the last 2 years, I can create a simple design for anything I want to do. Despite the proliferation of the internet, print media is still relevant to the foreseeable future! Fliers, newsletters, magazines, information sheets, letters, and advertisements are just a few of the type of print media that business outfit hires Graphic Artist to create for them.

Websites and online advertising need graphic design services as well. Even if your expertise is only in design, offer the works for potential clients, friends, and small businesses. So many software abound in the market to help you through.

Starting a business requires ingenuity and a passion for what you are doing. Once you find yourself doing something you enjoy, you will be more likely to find ways to make it all come together.

Hopefully, you now realize that you don’t need a lot of up-front money to start a business. In fact, you can start one for almost nothing. You just need to know what types of businesses work best for you in that model. If you like this article then don’t forget to share this article on your social mediums.