How to Use CBD Cartridges and a 510 Thread Battery?

When CBD vape cartridges and 510 batteries are mentioned, we are talking about vaping CBD. The reason why vaping is the most effective method is that it creates CBD-filled smoke that is inhaled through your lungs, which is the quickest way to absorb CBD into your system. 

CBD Cartridges and 510 Thread Battery

How to Use CBD Cartridges and a 510 Thread Battery

CBD and other compounds that are absorbed through the lungs make a shorter trip to the cannabinoid receptors in the body than the digestive routes. Some say that inhalation is how CBD is best absorbed. 

For beginners, the preferred method is using CBD cartridges, as these are pre-filled and require only a 510 cartridge battery to use. In this article, we will discuss the basics of using CBD cartridges and 510 thread batteries for vaping CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis (marijuana) or hemp plants. Cannabis, or marijuana, comes from the Cannabis sativa plant and is composed of two main, natural compounds: Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Even though CBD is a component of cannabis, it is extracted directly from the cannabis or hemp plant (a relative of the marijuana plant) and does not create feelings of “high,” but does obtain all of the medicinal properties associated with the plant. CBD can be used to help with inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, migraines, depression, and anxiety.

The main reason why CBD is a great natural drug is that, unlike its counterpart THC, it has little to no side effects if overused. According to the World Health Organization, CBD “exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” It is for these reasons that CBD is mostly used as a medicinal remedy.

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CBD Cartridges

CBD cartridges are disposable pre-filled e-cig tanks containing CBD e-juice. Depending on the cartridges, some may contain pure CBD distillate or a solvent-based CBD extraction method. CBD cartridges are required to connect to a standard 510 cartridge battery and are great for beginners who want to get into vaping CBD.

CBD cartridges are often filled with vape juice (also known as CBD distillate). Although it is sometimes referred to as CBD vape oil, it is not to be confused with CBD oil. CBD oil is not for vaping! For those googling “can you mix CBD oil with e-liquid?” the answer is no. 

CBD oil is traditionally used as an oral tincture and usually contains MCT oil (a compound derived from coconuts) and should not be inhaled. It is important to use only CBD products intended for vaping and inhalation. Anything with MCT oil or hemp seed oil should be avoided in vaping, as these are extremely harmful if inhaled.

510 Cartridge Battery

A 510 cartridge battery or 510 thread battery is a type of handheld portable vaporizer battery that fits all operable 510 thread pre-filled cartridges, atomizers, or 510 tanks. The 510 thread battery is very common amongst the vaping community since it is affordable and easy to purchase online or at any local smoke shop. 

There are four basic 510 thread batteries that are used: the fixed voltage batteries, the variable voltage batteries, the buttonless batteries, and the disposable batteries.

The fixed-voltage battery works by pressing the button five times rapidly. The LED light on the power button turns on and flashes a few times, and by pressing the button the atomizer of your 510 thread cartridge will start working then you can inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.

The variable voltage battery works similarly to the fixed voltage batteries, with the biggest difference being that it has a “pre-heat” mode. Once LED lights change color, it means it is in a different voltage setting that can be changed through the dial at the bottom of the pen.

The button-less batteries work by simply screwing the cartridge and inhaling. The “air switch” inside the vape pen will detect the airflow and it will power on automatically, meaning there is only a fixed voltage and will not perform great with other substances.

The disposable batteries work like button-less batteries except they do not have a charging port or built-in cable for recharging. This means once you are done, you throw it away, making it not very environmentally friendly.

How to use Cartridge and Battery?

Before starting, make sure the canister of the cartridge features a 510 threading connection by checking the packaging of the cartridge (you can also ask the vendor of the connector type before purchasing). 

The installation of a CBD cartridge to a 510 cartridge battery is usually quite simple. The battery features a female thread, while the cartridge features a male thread. This allows for the simple process of gently screwing the CBD cartridge on the 510 battery clockwise.

It is important not to screw the cartridge too loose, as this will prevent the battery from powering the device. Screwing the cartridge too tight can also cause problems, such as having trouble switching cartridges after you have finished one and are looking to switch cartridges for wax or dry herb.

Vaping using CBD cartridges and 510 cartridge batteries are the easiest and cheapest way to begin getting CBD into your life. It is important to do it properly and safely and hope this article helped guide you through your first time.