How to Wash Shredded Bamboo Pillow


The shredded bamboo pillow has several health benefits, and sound night sleep is one of its major benefits. Also, those with back pain, neck pains, and allergies will find it very useful. This leads us to a question about personal hygiene, can you wash your shredded bamboo pillow? The answer is equivocal yes!

Clean a Shredded Bamboo Pillow

Several methods exist for washing and keeping your shredded bamboo pillow neat and tidy. The aim of washing your bamboo pillow encompasses the following:

To eradicate unpleasant smell

When you have a filthy pillow, it will definitely ooze out unpleasant odor which is repulsive. Accumulated dirt will make your bamboo pillow give out a negative smell which will make it difficult to have a sound and comfortable sleep or rest. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, there is a need for a routine cleaning and washing of your bamboo pillow.

To ensure a good flow of fresh air into and out of the Shredded pillow

For a fresh and healthy body, it needs fresh air at all times. However, this would not be achievable with a dirty pillow as the dirt will not allow the inflow of fresh air. You need to clean it to guarantee a fresh inflow of air.

To keep its elasticity

Dust plays a major role in reducing a pillows elasticity which should be avoided for a comfy rest. Dust can also contribute to breakage in cloths and other materials like shredded pillows. So, if your pillow is filled with dirt there is a high possibility that it won’t last so long.

Having discussed extensively reasons why you need to keep your pillow clean, let’s further discuss how to clean a shredded bamboo pillow.

How to Clean a Shredded Bamboo Pillow


Cleaning a Bamboo pillow is quite easier than most people thought and I will teach you the steps and materials you need to perform your cleaning task effectively. However, you need to also note that the Bamboo pillow is quite different from other pillow types due to its unique characteristics. Therefore, you need to read up and follow these instructions carefully so that you will not ruin your shredded bamboo pillow while washing.

Below are instructions you should pay attention to for a successful bamboo pillow cleaning.

1. Remove the Cover

Note that you need to be more careful when washing your pillow, so the first thing to do is to remove the cover. You can then decide to wash it manually with water or with a machine. Also, take note that this is strictly for the bamboo cover and should not be done for the pillow itself. We will discuss further on how to clean the pillow.

2. Prepare the Materials for your Laundering Needs

After we have achieved our first aim which is cleaning the cover, we can then proceed to pillow cleaning. Here are a few things you will need to clean your pillow:

  • Warm water
  • Clean stainless sink
  • Cleaning agent (soft detergent without bleach)

3. Put enough water in the Sink

Since you have all the cleaning materials ready, fill your sink with water (preferably lukewarm). Avoid using hot or very cold water as it may cause more damage to your pillow than good.

4. Add Your Cleaning agent

Put a little quantity of detergent into the water and allow it to mix properly with the sink water. You could leave for between two to three to avoid a severe decrease in the temperature of the water. Stir gently to ensure rapid detergent desorption in water.

5. Soak Your Pillow

Since you have successfully added your detergent to the water, it is time to dip your pillow into the water solution. Leave it for a while and allow it to soak well and absorb the water solution.

6. Wash the Pillow

After you have left the pillow to absorb enough water mixed with detergent, the next thing is to start proper laundering of the pillow. However, ensure you do it gently with minimal pressure which is why you should allow it to soak for a while. Squeeze gently and ensure the detergent goes through every part of the pillow. After you are done cleaning, drain the sink fully and add some water. Ensure the water retains its lukewarm temperature. Then place the pillow into the water and press gently to rinse and remove any detergent left. Keep pressing till you are sure the detergent has been removed totally.

7. Dry Your Pillow

Now that you have a thoroughly achieved a fresh and clean pillow, you then need to keep it dry. Note that a cloth dryer should not be used for drying your newly cleaned shredded pillow. The best method is to air/sun dry it for the purpose of comfort. Though it might be a bit slow it’s quite effective for drying pillows. Ensure you don’t use the pillow while it’s wet, wait for it to get dried.  After it has been well dried, you can then fix your pillow back into the cover.

Additional Care Tips

Ideally, you should wash your pillow once in 3 – 6 months depending on your frequency of use, this will ensure a long-lasting pillow. If you don’t use it all the time, you could wash every 6 months. After washing, it may take a while for your memory pillow to get in shape to your desired preference.

Also, make research on the pillow you will find best suited for you. Note: Each pillow has its own set of instructions detailing how to wash and keep it clean. You should do well by referring to them in case of further questions.


A shredded bamboo pillow goes a long way to guarantee a comfy rest and sleep, therefore, it should be kept neat and fresh. Don’t allow the idea of washing your pillow with hand prevent you from trying out a shredded bamboo pillow. Now that you have learned how to wash your pillow, ensure you clean it regularly to enjoy your rest.