Improve Your Height with These Grow Taller Exercises

Want to grow taller? There are many exercises you can do in order to achieve this. You can improve your height with many different exercises, including those in this list. Pilates, and yoga exercises are actually widely adapted in many different exercise routines (even body builders use Pilates but with different “names” sometimes for core training) and they are compromised of muscle toning and stretching. Here are some good growth igniting exercises that you can perform along with Pilates.

grow tall exercises and stretches
grow tall exercises and stretches

Side Bends

By standing up straight, and keeping your feet flat, you can bend your body sideways (either with hands on your waist, or up in the air straight) as far as you can. Hold the position for approximately 15 seconds. One other good method is to count by four’s and hold it for 10 4-counts.

Back Bends (a.k.a. Cobra Pose in Yoga or part of “Extend and Flex” in Military Training)

This specific stretch mimics that of a cobra. It’s also good for your pectoral muscles, and also stretches your core and abdominal. It gets rid of some of the stiffness of your lower back, and helps to make you a little more flexible. The cobra pose can also help put you in a better mood and decrease menstrual issues in women. In men, it helps stretch your abs and your core, as well as your lower chest. You can also substitute this stretch with a position in yoga known as Upward-facing dog.

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Be Like a Monkey

In many places, such as gyms, home, or even playgrounds, there are areas that you can use as a pull-up bar. While most of us guys will want to do pull-ups, if you’re wanting to grow taller (no matter your gender), be sure that after your pull-ups, you do some bar hanging as an after workout stretch. You can do these literally any time. Try to hang on a bar, stretching your back, abdomen, and arms/shoulders with just your body weight for about 30 seconds at a time.

Forward Bend

This exercise is also a very important spine stretching exercise in not only yoga, but also in many other grow tall exercises routines. To perform this stretch, simply stand straight up, and lower just your upper body down forward, putting your head below your waist, while keeping your legs straight. There is some controversy about “putting your head below your heart”, so another alternative to this (and the most commonly used one) is to do this from lying on your back, sitting up and forward. If you can’t do it without bending your legs, this sometimes happens and is understandable. Try to grab your ankles and pull so you can feel your lower back stretching more. By reaching out more you can also stretch your middle back like this.

The Superman Pose

This can be performed with or without your arms being extended, but it can be beneficial both ways. Lie flat on your stomach (or stand up straight in front of a wall), extend your arms into a full body stretch and try to stretch every joint in your body from head to toe. Arch your back and if you’re standing, try to do so until you touch the wall. If you’re lying down, you can just simply arch your back as much as possible and while holding it, rock back and forth about 10 times. This also strengthens your abs.

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