Intex Above Ground Pool Vacuum Reviews: Top 10 Best

Everyone can get themselves the best Intex pools to suit their needs. This assures you more enjoyment with your family and friends at all times. You can own a smaller or larger pool, but the task at hand remains the cleanup. This means that you will need the best pool vacuum that makes it easier to clean your pool as you desire. A wide range of models and brands in the market makes it daunting and challenging to pick the best. Worry no more because we have you covered. We have compiled a list of the best Intex above ground pool vacuums to aid you in your search.

10 Best Intex Above Ground Pool Vacuum

#1.  Zodiac Barracuda W03000 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Are you looking for a powerful yet noiseless pool vacuum? Look no further than this brand from Zodiac Barracuda. You are assured of more efficient operations because it features lower-speed pumps. Installation is a hassle-free task and can easily pick up any size of debris in your pool. You can use it to clean floors, walls, and the pool’s steps. Therefore, it catches medium- smaller sized debris.

Zodiac Barracuda W03000 Automatic Pool Cleaner

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It is equipped with a flow keeper valve that controls the amount of water that flows for better performance while using a low-speed pump. The hoses are designed from high-quality materials, ensuring a longer usage life. With the wheel deflector, you can quickly move around to every corner of your Intex pool. This means that it cannot stop by itself but only until you stop it yourself. Since it is equipped with a 36-fin disc, it prevents it from getting stuck on pool fittings, pool lights, or drain covers.

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#2.  Water Tech Pool Blaster for Above Ground

If you need to clean your pool manually, this brand is an excellent choice for you. It features one of the most simple operations with no hoses or connections to attach to. Therefore, if it is your first time using it, you won’t face any difficulty since it is easier to operate. It is handheld and is equipped with a push-button on-and-off switch that you can quickly turn on and off. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers you up to 60 minutes of usage after a full recharge. However, this time is sufficient to clean your pool.

Water Tech Pool Blaster for Above Ground

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Furthermore, it has a powerful suction that can easily pick up the small or more significant debris in your pool. The multilayer filter removes all the dirt keeping your pool sparkling clean. It fills up so quickly; therefore, you need to clean it up frequently. You do not have to worry since it is easier and takes the shortest time possible. You can only run it with some warm water, and you can get back to performing your tasks. All in all, this non-automatic pool vacuum is suitable for performing smaller tasks since it assures you of a faster way to clean your Intex pool.

#3.  Hayward 900 Suction Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Hayward 900 Wanda is equipped with a wide range of features to suit all your cleaning needs. Installation is a much easier task since it does not require any extra tools or hardware for setup. With its cute design, you will for sure love how it works, and it will be fun for your entire family. Featuring a rounded head, you can easily maneuver around while taking the shortest time to clean up your pool.

Hayward 900 Suction Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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The bumper ring helps program the steering wheel pattern, which prevents the vacuum from getting close to the pool’s corners for convenient cleaning. In addition, it has a turbine system that allows you to move smoothly across the bottom of the pool. You are assured of quiet operations with a constant water flow. Since it pushes the water around, it facilitates better air circulation in the pool.

#4.  Aquabot Rover Hybrid Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Fourth on our list is this above-ground vacuum from Aquabot Rover. What’s so unique is that it is easier to operate while it requires lower maintenance, unlike other brands. You do not have to be around to supervise its operations since it works automatically. All you need to do is drop it into the pool, and the guidance system assures you of better navigation. This robotic unit can clean up to 5400 square feet of your pool in only 60 minutes. It uses a jet-propelled system to clean the floor and your pool’s slopes in less than if you have a 24-foot diameter pool.

Aquabot Rover Hybrid Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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This unique vacuum cleaner features a filtration system and an internal pump, making it easier to clean your pools without the need for hoses or filters. It cleans smaller and larger debris, such as leaves, within a few minutes and leaves your pool sparkling. When the micro-filtered bag is complete, you can empty it and reuse it once more. The wide wheels can quickly move around in the pool without getting stuck on the printed vinyl. This assures smoother operations.

#5.  Polaris Vac-Sweep Pressure Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Regardless of the size or the shape of your in-ground pool, this side cleaner assures you of better operations. However, it needs a booster pump that you need to purchase separately from the cleaner. It is powerful enough and versatile, making it suitable for sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming the walls, or cleaning the bottom part of your pool. The feed hose is powered by double jets for a quicker cleaning time.

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Moreover, it has a single chamber filter bag that is large enough to trap larger debris such as smaller stones and leaves. This filter bag traps and removes the debris before reaching the filter. This prevents damage to the filtration system.

#6.  Intex 28001E Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you consider your budget, you can opt for this Intex above-ground pool. It is best suited for pools with a diameter of 24 feet or less. This pool cleaner reverses the direction by automatically going side to side to vacuum your pool. Ideally, it takes a few minutes to install it since it comes with clear instructions entirely. Moreover, it does not require frequent maintenance to save you on costs.

Intex 28001E Robotic Pool Cleaner

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It needs a filter pump that has a flow rate ranging between 1600gph-3500gph. A 7-inch hose is included that you can easily attach to the pool inlet connector for better operations. What’s so advantageous with this pool cleaner is that you can easily replace its parts if needed. Therefore, you are assured of faster and easier operations because it is powerful enough to handle your cleaning tasks.

#7.  Aquabot Rover Junior Automatic Pool Cleaner

This is a tremendous above-ground vacuum cleaner that does not require hoses since it operates automatically. You can use it on above ground pools and flat surface pools within an hour or even less. It has a lightweight design; thus, it is easier to carry from one place to another. Since a 24-volt motor powers it, you are assured of the best suction force that works with only a press of a button. Additionally, it shuts off automatically after two hours for increased safety. This means that you do not have to worry if you forget to shut it off. This helps to save energy, chemicals, and water as well.

Aquabot Rover Junior Automatic Pool Cleaner

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In addition, it has extra-wide wheels, which makes it easier for the cleaner to maneuver through the pool surfaces. This means that it will take a few minutes to clean your entire pool. On the other hand, the swivel device prevents the cable from tangling while in use. This robotic cleaner usually comes with an inbuilt 2-micron reusable filter bag, 40-foot floating cable and a power supply transformer.

#8. Pentair K50600 Suction Creepy Side Pool Cleaner

This is a perfect choice for you if you are looking forward to a classic crawly type of pool cleaner. With the flapper, you are assured of a powerful unit that offers you a longer usage life. It requires less maintenance; therefore, you do not need servicing or replacing your wheels or gears more frequently. Each time it is cleaned, it uses a random pattern that makes it easier to clean all the corners of your pool.

Pentair K50600 Suction Creepy Side Pool Cleaner

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Better still, it has a skimming valve that regulates the amount of water that flows for efficient cleaning. It is suitable for use on above-ground pools with a plain and simple shape. It can be challenging to reach some parts of your pool if it has sharper curves and corners.

#9. Zodiac Suction Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

If you are not into something robotic but love a cute and automatic above ground pool cleaner, you can try this brand. What’s so interesting is that it is easier to maintain to save you on costs. Its quiet operations assure better operations without any disturbances. This ensures you of better cleaning operations. It comes when pre-assembled, meaning that you can use it the moment you receive it.

Zodiac Suction Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner
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With the AG disc, it moves around smoothly at the bottom of your pool to clean all the sides of the pool. On the other hand, the deflector wheel prevents it from getting stuck in tight corners or stairs of the pool. It moves up the wheels to clean all the corners of your pool. This leaves your pool looking clean like never before.

#10. Intex Automatic Above Ground Vacuum Cleaner

You can use this vacuum cleaner on pools with a diameter of 24 feet or less. This is the best choice if you own an Intex pool. It assures you of efficient cleaning operations at all times. It would be best to connect it to the filter pump with a flow rate ranging between 1600-4000GPH for automatic functions. Ideally, it uses a reverse direction that makes it more convenient to clean the bottom part of your pool. It lifts debris such as leaves and leaves the primary pool filter to collect them. Moreover, it is the best choice because it requires little maintenance at long last. You can also attach the included 24-foot hose to the pool inlet for better operations.

Intex Automatic Above Ground Vacuum Cleaner

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use a vacuum on Intex above ground pool?

First, you have to connect the hoses, after which you tighten their end up to the top of the vacuum. You then immerse the vacuum attachment into the pool, and to make sure that the air trapped is get rid of, you dip it fully into the water to fill up the hose with water. This will help your vacuum gets to the bottom. To start cleaning the pool, you turn on the filter pump.

How to vacuum Intex above the ground pool without a skimmer?

You need to perform this task with a vacuum hose, pool vacuum head, skim vacuum plate, and a telescoping pole. You, therefore, ensure that you prime your vacuum by letting out all the air in its system. With this, you attach the skimmer inlet to your vacuum hose and the other end to the vacuum head, after which you move the vacuum head to clean the pool.

What is the vacuum hose size for the Intex pool?

The size you require for a vacuum hose should have a diameter of 1.5 inches and 25 feet long. Therefore it is appropriate for a wall fitting.

How many times should I vacuum my swimming pool?

Generally, it is good to vacuum clean your pool once a week. If you happen to notice a growing amount of debris inside the pool, we recommend that you clean it. Also, a lot of dirt may find its way into the pool; therefore, you should clean it after the storm.

Why should I vacuum my pool if I have a robot pool cleaner?

You must have seen your robotic pool cleaner only a pile of leaves from one end of the pool to another. However, robot pool cleaners are designed for day-to-day light cleaning and maintenance other than lifting heavyweights. Maintenance issues like algae growth may arise if the debris is not removed as soon as possible because it destroys your water quality. Therefore using a pool vacuum makes it easy to remove debris, thus sparing you the problem of cleaning your pool now and then and reducing maintenance cases.

Can vacuuming remove algae from your swimming pool?

It is tough removing algae from the pool as it mainly attaches itself to the corners and crevices of the pool. While vacuuming cannot wholly remove algae, it can help prevent it from spreading in the pool. Therefore, to keep algae from growing in your pool, you need to remove debris that falls into the pool more often to keep the water pool clean.

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