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Is Cooking With an Air Fryer Healthy?

Who does not love to enjoy the big bites of those tempting fried chicken or crispy french fries? They are so appealing that no one can escape their delicious savoury taste. But the culprit that takes you back is the higher fat content that these super-delicious foods contain, right? Here lies the reason behind the surge of the commercial air fryer. People are becoming more health-conscious today and searching for healthy processes of preparing food.

Air Fryer Healthy?

Is Cooking With an Air Fryer Healthy

You may consider air friers the most suitable way of fulfilling your temptation for those crispy appetizers without compromising the taste and flavours. No doubt, these gadgets are a great addition to any pantry and offer you ‘healthy ways’ of eating those ‘not so healthy foods. The internet is buzzing with the benefits of this kitchen gadget. It is, in fact, the ‘guilt-free approach to meet your palate nowadays. But are these true entirely?

Do not worry. We will cover every aspect of air fryers and give you better insight.

What is an Air Fryer

An air fryer is a recent hype that makes the surface of the meat or fish crisp and delicious using the thermal air circulation process. Of course, it is a healthy approach to making fried foods that involves the ‘Maillard effect,’ a biochemical process, impacting the sugar content and amino acids of the food. Thus the flavours remain intact, and the result is super-delicious food containing less fat content than the traditional processes.

Gratitude to the technical approach the manufacturers take to reduce the caloric value and fat content. You now can enjoy the taste of those crispy fried chicken or fish without really deep-frying them! Use only a little amount of oil, and you end up enjoying the same punch and flavour of those appealing deep-fried appetizers.

Benefits of Air Fryers

Now that you know about an air fryer and its working process, let’s get insight into the advantages this super-device can offer.

Air Fries Reduces the Fat

Cooking using a quality air fryer means you do not have to use a higher amount of oil to deep fry the food. For instance, a deep-fried chicken piece in the conventional techniques includes thirty per cent more fat content than an air-fried one. On the other hand, air frying involves a bit of oil. Thus it can reduce the fat content to a great extent.

If you are in a hassle about the oil needed in both cases, let us help you a bit. While you need to use almost 2 cups of oil for deep frying a chicken breast, you will need only 2-tablespoons while using the air fryer.

The more fat the meal you take includes, the more you are prone to health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

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Air Fryer Helps Weight Loss

Do you cherish enjoying a fit body without compromising your palate? Keep the traditional processes of deep-frying your favourite appetizers aside and embrace this super-efficient kitchen gadget to see the miracle!

A piece of research shows that the fat and calorie content the deep-fried food contains can lead to obesity, which, in return, can induce other chronic diseases.

As air frying requires a lesser quantity of oil than conventional processes, it can act as a milestone to help you lose weight and stay fit.

A Healthy Approach to lessen the Harmful Compounds

Deep-fried meals do not only carry a huge amount of oil and lipids, but it also produces harmful composites like acrylamide.

While you deep-fry a carbohydrate-based food in high heat, it produces acrylamide, a harmful product that can induce many life-threatening diseases. Researchers have found the connection of acrylamide with cancer and classified it as a ‘leading carcinogen.’ When this element enters your digestive tract with food, it can also lead you to kidney issues, cancer in ovaries, etc.

When you avoid deep-frying and use an air fryer for cooking the same meal, its advanced formula can minimize the amount of acrylamide and save you from intaking this toxic element.

Air Frying is a Healthy Approach but not the Most Healthful Way

No doubt, air frying is healthier than the traditional deep-frying process. It works excellent in lessening the fat and calorie content of the fried foods you love to enjoy. It also helps you avoid chronic diseases by minimizing the number of elements injurious to your health.

Air fryers are a great option to enjoy fried foods without gaining weight. But do not consider it the most healthy approach to maintain your health without sacrificing your palate. Do not forget, air frying also involves the addition of oil, though a little. Be it using an air fryer or a deep-frying process, fried foods are detrimental to your overall health. Intaking fried food can induce diseases like a heart attack.

People who eat fried food daily are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases. Lung cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and prostate cancer are some of the outcomes. There is no alternative to reducing eating fried food, be it air-fried, to ensure you live a healthy and sound life. Instead of deep-frying or air-frying, you can go with boiling, roasting, baking, etc.


Air frying is undoubtedly a better option when you want to satisfy your taste buds with those tasty fried foods. They have proven to be healthy over the traditional approaches by lessening the harmful impacts of deep-fried meals. Though healthy, even consuming air-fried foods daily can lead to many diseases.

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