Kitchen faucets: Why size should be your first consideration and style secondary and more


You can’t imagine kitchen remodeling without replacing the old faucet. Since this plumbing fixture tends to be the highlight of any cooking zone, you get attractive designs and features to choose from a broader range of pull-down faucets, pullout faucets, bar faucets, filter faucets, and commercial faucets. However, before you delve into these styles, you may want to learn which faucet size can be the best to go with for your sink. Otherwise, it can spoil the entire look of your sink area by looking awkward or misfit. If you don’t want to face this situation, it will help understand the faucet size’s significance and how to select one based on this factor.

Here are some insights that can come in handy when you shop for a kitchen sink faucet. Let’s explore them.

Kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets

The importance of the faucet size

You can pick a style for its attractive design and features; it can seem to be a perfect aesthetic addition to your kitchen. But you cannot select something merely for its looks. It would be best to address a few practical matters first before you decide to buy a particular model for its appeal. For instance, a low-height faucet cannot accommodate tall pans and pots underneath. It will become a daily struggle to handle them with a short height tap. Similarly, water splashing problems will be unavoidable if you pair your shallow sink with a high arc model. You may have to be careful every time you use it for washing dishes or hands.

Looking at this parameter is also critical to avoid discomfort with its position. A tall faucet will require enough clearance between itself and the backsplash. If there is a space crunch, you can face difficulty while turning its handle. You cannot open the faucet in full force because you are unable to move it fully. Then, the dimensions can also impact the angle of the spout. A too close or too far faucet head can again be uncomfortable to use and lead to water splashing.

From the point of beauty, it is easy to imagine how a small faucet with an oversized sink will appear. Or, you can reverse the situation and visualize something that can be overpowering for your sink. It can also look out of place.

Therefore, there are reasons why you have to find out a faucet with the proper size. You may worry as to how to go about it. Here are a few solutions to alleviate your stress.

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The measurement of the sink faucet

Whether it is a commercial faucet or a pullout one, you have to consider certain aspects to choose a perfect kitchen sink partner. For instance, you need to examine the faucet’s overall size from the base to the top. Plus, you have to figure out spout height, which is different from the overall height. This measurement lets you know how much distance has to be there between it and the large utensils you keep underneath. The gap should be enough to allow you to deal with larger pans and pots conveniently.

Besides, you may also want to examine arc. Some can be low and some higher. This specific feature lets you guess the height of the spout from the bottom of the sink. As you may know, high-arc or gooseneck faucets make your washing experience with larger utensils easy. However, you may be wary of installing it in front of a window as it can disrupt the soothing outside views. With low arc designs, you don’t have to think about this problem. The modest height can barely intrude anything.

In the end, you also have to ensure that it offers you an incredible reach. People often miss out on this aspect. But you can evade this mistake by referring to how far a faucet can extend over the sink. If you can’t stretch it enough, you may have to stoop a little to do your job, causing pressure on your spine and waist. It can feel terrible if you have to spend long hours to clean your dishes. Hence, paying attention to the faucet’s scope of extension is necessary. A tap with adequate reach will have its spout located at the right spot. You can rely on pullout and pull-down models for their ability to stretch well.

Once you assess it from all these angles, you can be confident about your faucet choice. You can explore its overall appearance. Since there is no shortage of varieties, you can indulge in a particular style based on its contribution to your kitchen theme. For instance, you can find a brushed gold high-arc faucet extremely convincing for its transitional traits. Or, you can go after a matte black tap for its sophisticated yet bold presence. No matter whether you choose something from these or stainless steel options, you can rest assured of deriving the right value out of your investment.

Some people also buy prep faucets and filter faucets. If you have a spacious kitchen, you may find them to be a useful addition. Filter faucets can help you draw drinking water anytime. Since all the parts remain hidden under the cabinet, your kitchen can look clean and organized. The prep faucets in the bar or kitchen can remove the burden from your main kitchen sink faucet. You don’t have to rush to the main area for every little thing. If you have to clean your hand or a small glass, you can manage it there.

Shopping for a kitchen faucet can be an exciting journey. But how it ends can depend on your approach. If you buy the right stuff, you can go on enjoying your selection for a long time. Otherwise, it will not take much time to turn into a headache. Does it sound like a task? There is nothing to worry about if you know what you need and why. You can only have fun in the end because what you require is a functional and attractive faucet to make your life easy.