Knowing It’s Okay to Ask for Help


At this time, the world is undergoing a pandemic that it has never experienced in modern-times before and certainly not with the world’s population as large as it is. This time of uncertainty and fear can play havoc with our emotional, mental, and physical health but it’s important to take a step back and take a moment not to get swept up in everything from media to news stories.

Ask for Help

Knowing It’s Okay to Ask for Help

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Many aspects of this pandemic are out of our control, we have no influence over the infection rate and no ability to enforce other people to safely practice social distancing and self-isolation, we only have control over ourselves and our actions. When we feel like we’ve lost control it can be difficult to get back into a state of calm being and it’s important to have a graphic or a chart you can refer to that reminds of you of what you have control over and what is out of your control and shouldn’t be dwelled upon.

During this time, being alone or feeling ill can be considered scarier than normal day-to-day but it’s important to know that it’s okay to reach out to others if you need emotional support or assistance in getting necessary nutrition or medication. Even if you don’t have friends or families nearby, everyone is going through the same experience and most people want to ensure others don’t feel lost, alone or hopeless.

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Reach Out to Neighbours

You might already have a positive relationship with your neighbors where you do feel comfortable striking up a conversation or asking for a cup of sugar and this is great when you need some support but are otherwise alone in your area. With social distancing measures, it’s not as easy as knocking on their door anymore but picking up the phone, sending them a message over social media, or popping a note through their door can let them know that you might need some assistance and ask if they would be able to help.

Knowing It’s Okay to Ask for Help

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Even if you don’t have a pre-existing relationship with your neighbors, now could be the best time to start one and the vast majority of people do want to ensure their community is taken care of.

Get In Touch With Local Support Groups

Thousands of community support groups have popped up recently with the intention to help those that may be otherwise isolated from their friends or family or are under strict instructions to self-isolate. If you are able to read this article, it’s safe to assume you have some sort of access to the internet and should look to local Facebook groups or local charity groups in your area that will have facilities to contact them for assistance in getting groceries or necessary home-comforts.

Equally, if you know of a neighbor or individual in your community that might not have easy access to online support, put together a list with telephone numbers that you can drop safely through their door and let them know that you are there if they need you.

Join Community Groups Online

Feeling positive in ourselves is easier when you are part of a collective and can talk to people regularly who share similar interests or are from a similar background. Take a look around for online forums or message boards with others that share interests and hobbies with yourself or are involved with the same faith or share a common trait. For example, Muslim reverts (newcomers to the faith) have access to supportive groups known as dawah which help newcomers to understand the Islamic faith and the day-to-day practices that are expected including given regular charity known as Zakat, one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

It’s easy to make friends when you share things in common and it’s easier to reach out to someone you know and are comfortable with if you should need help. It’s also a great way to pass the time and can even provide opportunities to learn new skills or gain some personal development.

We aren’t alone in this world, in fact with over 7billion people and increasing, unless you took yourself off to a remote island, you’d be hard-pressed to be truly ‘alone’ anywhere on the planet. There are people everywhere, maybe even next door who want nothing more to help others and ensure everyone smiles at least once a day, so reach out to others and form some meaningful and lasting relationships with the wonderful people of this world and never feel alone again.