Lamp Designed Camera For Outdoor Security With Wi-Fi Connectivity


Modern technology is addressing some of the best ways to deal with security cameras. The technology gave rise to smaller cameras, which can get disguised into something else, which won’t let anyone know about it. Now, you have the right to invest some bucks on security cameras, which are designed like a lamp and used for outdoor security. People will think it to be just a casual outdoor lamp, but it has a hidden security camera to it with all the modern features included.

Outdoor Security With Wi-Fi

Outdoor Security With Wi-Fi
Outdoor Security With Wi-Fi

It is mainly termed to be a lamp camera, designed for outdoor security and it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity.  It comes handy with security wall light with some motion sensor based smart exterior. It is perfect for your home with 1080p HD quality video and front porch light added. Moreover, it can work just great with Alexa, making it even more technically advanced than before.

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Features You Can Get 

Before you end up investing bucks on such Security Systems Philadelphia, you might want to learn more about the features you can get hands on. These features will definitely help you to know more about the camera and choose it wisely. It is no doubt that these cameras are costly. So you have to look for the best-featured ones for sure.

  • It comes with HD live video and remote viewing. The current security light camera comprises of talkback function. It is associated with time access HD live videos, which is associated with 1080P wide angle camera. It is perfect for IOS or Android smartphones remote viewing and can perfectly work with Alexa.
  • The item comprises of PIR motion detection. It helps in supporting this detection and will immediately emerge alert notifications to smartphones whenever anyone is hovering ad triggering the built-in motion sensors.
  • The services comprise of colored night vision and the IPX 4 waterproof services. It is well-equipped with the rated CMOS. The product comes handy well with the latest colored display night vision. The current IPX 4 class is waterproof. Rain or shine, or even day or night, this system will help you to take photos and record videos, right at the same time.
  • The items are termed to be user-friendly in nature. It comprises of 2.4G Wi-Fi connection and comes handy with 100DB alarm siren. It is associated with lighting time duration setting, as available. It comprises 32G TF RAM and also 2 LED bulbs are also there in the package.
  • The item comes with an easy installation, which won’t take more than 15 minutes at any cost. There is no need to replace batteries for that you can always have continuous protection just around the clock.

The item comes with 90 days of warranty service with a replacement guarantee. The main aim of this company is to address client satisfaction and for that, they are willing to replace the item if it fails to work properly. You can check out the user manual for some more details as well.