Laser Technology Evolving Beauty Industry Future


Everybody wants an attractive look to imply a good impression on others; thus they prefer to visit beauty salons. Generally, cosmetics are preferred by most of the salons and spas which are doubtful regarding animal’s cruelty and results on different skin types. Also, they are expensive and can negatively affect the skin in some cases. This is the reason why researchers try to look for a better alternative. Consequently, light therapies come to existence as laser and intense pulse light. Both of these light therapies are currently available in the market had solving skin issues much effectively than cosmetics. The best thing about light therapies is their visible results after every treatment sessions. The information in the below article will elaborate their working and benefits in a much better way

Laser Machine for Salons

The laser is the first authentic light therapy for skin that comes to existence in 1997. Its first model was not competent enough to work on all kinds of skins but now has become the primary preference due to continuous improvements. It was an industrial cutting tool at the initial stage due to high intensity. Now, this intensity is controllable enough to utilize as a beauty treatment measure.  The light emitting from laser penetrates inside the epidermis layer of skin to heal almost every kind of skin problem. The laser therapy works on almost every skin tone from dark to fair.

IPL Machines For Salon

The intense pulse light is a considerable alternative to laser therapy. Both of them work with the help of a light beam but shares different properties. The laser emits amplified light by radiation emission stimulation, whereas IPL works with the help of a high-intensity xenon lamp. These lamps have hardware configurations to emit at least 10 pulses in a second. When the pulses interact with skin, they stimulate internal skin tissue structure to heal various problems.

IPL Machines For Salon
IPL Machines For Salon

Skin issues that laser and IPL machine can treat

  1. Unwanted Hair on Body

This is a major issue of ladies who want to wear fashionable dresses. If the body parts like armpits, legs or shoulders are exposed and have weird hair, it is essential to remove them permanently. The gels, removal creams and waxing are temporary methods that cannot prevent hair from growing again. On the other hand, laser and IPL machines can solve this problem permanently. The light emitting from both sources when focused on skin, it goes deeper beneath the epidermis Layer where hair follicles exist. These follicles destroy when the light energy turns into heat energy without damaging the nearby skin. People who choose laser option can expect faster results than IPL. The IPL machine requires 4 to 5 sessions whereas laser can do it in 2-3 sessions only.

  2. Skin Rejuvenation

People crossing 50s of their life start getting wrinkles on their skin. Rest of the body remains hidden under clothes, but the face signifies that you have gone old. Nobody wants to live with a wrinkled and exhausted face due to collagen deficiency in the skin. The collagen is a protein that is abundantly available in dermis skin layer. When the topmost layer epidermis loses its scales, the collagen of the inner layer is also affected. Consequently, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles develops.

Oral supplements of collagen obtained from animals were the only remedial measures before light therapies. Now intense pulse light and laser can treat it in a more sophisticated way. Rather than depending on supplements, the light beam naturally produces an adequate amount of collagen in the body by stimulating skin tissues of the dermis. Both laser and IPL machines can help in this concern, but IPL is the first recommendation because of its low intensity.

  3. Acne Scar Removal

Acne and its scars are the most annoying as well as painful situations that generally occurs in teenage. The major reason of acne is a hormonal change that releases an excess of oil from skin pores. When the dust clogs skin pores, it becomes an ideal habitat for Propionibacterium acne bacteria to multiply. Apart from hormones, genetic inheritance, medication effect, and wrong diet are also the common reasons for acne. A person suffering from acne can feel small red bumps with inflammation and itching on the skin. These bumps can become solid, painful and need proper treatment.

Acne Scar Removal
Acne Scar Removal

Generally, skin specialists prescribe ointments like Benzoyl Peroxide and Resorcinol which are doubtful regarding their impacts according to different skin types. Here intense pulse light and laser can help by killing the harmful bacteria and healing the spots of scars formed due to acne. This is an effective therapy and works equally on every skin type.

  4. Permanent and Cosmetic Tattoos Removal

Permanent tattoos are highly trending nowadays because of their attractive designs. Tattooing is a centuries-old tradition that signifies belief or community of a person in the past. Now people are getting tattoos for fashion purpose. However, they forget the consequences that once a pigment settles inside the skin, it settles permanently inside for a lifetime. The process of cosmetic tattoos is also similar to permanent tattoos, but they are semi-permanent and fade after 4-5 years. In case, if someone wants to get rid of them, there are only a few options to choose.

Before laser IPL machines, surgery was the only effective method of tattoo removal, but it also involves the risk of leaving scars permanently on the treated area. The light beams are non-invasive; thus there is no risk of any scar formation. When the spectrum of a laser tattoo machine is focused on skin, it breaks down the ink pigment molecules. These molecules are absorbed by the body by passing through the bloodstream and finally released out harmlessly.

Difference Between IPL and Laser Treatment

It is a clear fact that both of the technologies share a common property which is light energy, but there is a significant difference in their capabilities. A laser machine has a much higher intensity as compared to IPL. If you are expecting the fastest results, the laser is the best option. It works effectively for permanent hair removal and tattoo removal. On the other hand, the IPL machine is a good option for skin rejuvenation and acne scars removal. It can be considered as a safer option as compared to laser.

While comparing both of these technologies on the basis of efficiency, the laser has the upper hand in fast results, whereas IPL is a recommendation for safe treatments. You can consult with a proficient dermatologist at before deciding to go with an option.