LED vs Conventional Lights – Which One is Better?


The light bulb was and still the finest discoveries to date. Image a life without light and electricity. We would not be enjoying our life the way we are today if we didn’t have electricity or any mode of light. From the discovery of the light bulb in 1870’s, fast forward to 150 years, we now have different types of lighting equipment ranging from the CFL’s, halogens, LEDs and what not.

LED vs Conventional Lights

Though CFL and the incandescent light bulbs still count as the conventional ways of light, the LED is said to bring some changes as it is said to be better than the conventional light bulbs or the CFL lights. Let’s dig deep and find out the difference between the conventional lighting equipment like the incandescent light bulb and the modern day LED lights.

Incandescent light bulb

It is a conventional bulb which has been used since the early discovery of the light bulb by Thomas Edison. It is nothing but a wire filament which is heated to such an extent that it produces light. The heated effect is caused when the filament is passed through the electricity. You can clearly observe that from the below image.

LED vs Conventional Lights
Incandescent light bulb

Although we are getting an adequate amount of light, there are some flaws in the working of the light bulb or I would rather say, it would be rather better to switch to some better product. This is due to the fact that an incandescent light bulb converts less than 5% of the total electricity into visible light. Now just imagine the amount of electricity which goes into waste.

Not only that, there are some advantages of using the light bulb in certain situations which we will discuss in the following pros.

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Incandescent Light Pros

  1. The manufacturing cost of the light bulb is very less.
  2. The conventional light bulb aka the incandescent light bulb can even work in higher temperatures.
  3. It is somewhat durable and has a life of up to 10000 hours.
  4. The incandescent bulb is very bright and produces a light which scatters to a larger area.
  5. The conventional bulbs produce a large amount of heat which is utilized for brooding hen eggs in poultry farms.

Incandescent Light Cons

  1. The light bulb could burst when exposed to sudden less temperature such as water.
  2. Highly energy consuming.
  3. Emits a lot of UV and IR rays which isn’t actually good for you.
  4. Life of the bulb is very less as compared to other lighting products.

So that is about the incandescent light bulb. It is time to jump and learn about the LED lights.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Light emitting diode works on the principle of electroluminescence. It is in simple terms a simple p-n junction which emits light when the electrons (when passing electricity) combines to what is called as the electron holes and releases photons i.e. light.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Light Emitting Diode (LED)

The best part about LED lights that they are really compact and efficient. The reason due to which they are heavily used in automobiles, decorations etc. Not only that, they form the best grow lights as they are super bright and provide the plants with adequate light simulating sunlight and creating a natural environment for the indoor plants.

LED Pros:

  1. They are super light efficient saving nearly 15 time more electricity as compared to the conventional lights.
  2. They have more life i.e 30000 hours.
  3. The LED are more robust and compact than any light equipment.
  4. They emit very less UV and IR rays which is a plus point.
  5. The LED does not emit heat.
  6. You can form different colors by managing the energy ban gaps.

LED Cons:

  1. The high cost of manufacturing
  2. Can’t work in high temperatures
  3. Not a cost-effective product.

We hope you have gained some important insights about the LEDs and the conventional light bulbs.

Overall, if using for a commercial intent the LEDs are better to go for as they save up a lot of electricity in the long run as compared to the conventional light bulbs.

You can use the conventional light bulbs if you are really looking for a conventional lighting method and do not worry about electricity cost.

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