Top List of Auto Insurance Companies in Ontario

Auto insurance and Car insurance, do you know what the difference between? I want to make a little bit of fun with you. If you’re a citizen of the United States, you know better. Auto insurance and Car insurance is the head of insurance. We call them in different types of words.

Someone called the car insurance and in other words, someone called auto insurance. After all, there was no difference between auto insurance and car insurance. Today the topic is the best auto insurance companies in Ontario.

There have a lot of auto insurance companies in Ontario. But which is best that you are going to take? Here, I will provide the top list of auto insurance companies in Ontario. Do you know the legal definition of insurance? Yes, it will help to understand much better. It’s will take the whole risk of your car. An accident can occur and there has no guarantee. In an accident, you may lose the car.

In this case, auto insurance is the key to take the car risk. If the car is insured by the auto insurance company then the company will pay a big amount of money. It also depends according to your insurance policy.

List of Auto Insurance Companies in Ontario

This is the list of auto insurance companies in Ontario. Every insurance company’s law is not accurate. Some of them have a different amount of interest, a different type of policy, difference in insured service and etc. These company not only related to auto insurance but also related to home insurance, motorcycle insurance, life insurance, business insurance, condo insurance, and other insurance services. In this below, you just see the list of auto insurance companies.

Even in the next paragraph, I will show the reviews of the specific company. You should get an auto insurance quote of these because it’s really cheap auto insurance companies. However, Costco auto insurance is one of the best of cheap auto insurance. But it’s out of range to you.

  • City Best Insurance Services Inc.
  • Intact Insurance Company
  • Just Auto Insurance Company
  • Allstate Insurance Kingston Agency
  • Allstate Insurance Thunder Bay Agency
  • Allstate Insurance Ottawa South Agency
  • Belairdirect Insurance Company
Top List of Auto Insurance Companies in Ontario
Top List of Auto Insurance Companies in Ontario

City Best Insurance Service Inc.

City Best Insurance Service Inc. is one of the best auto insurance companies in Ontario. The company said that the right auto insurance policy can help get you back on the road quickly if a car will damage, or destroy by an accident, theft or fire. However, they also service customers in the towns of Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, and Claremont.

The city best insurance service provides a few functions of insurance quotes. Such as Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance. Now go ahead and learn every insurance part of the city best insurance services company. It is the first company on the list of auto insurance companies in Ontario.

Location & Contact details of City Best Insurance Service Inc.

The location of the city best insurance service Inc. is:-

1630 E/ 4th ST/ Suite D,

Ontario CA 91764

Phone Number: (909) 984 4140

Fax Number: (909) 460 7410

Toll-Free Number: (800) 448 5100

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Intact Insurance Company

It is an intact insurance company in Ontario. This is the second of the list of auto insurance companies in Ontario. There have lots of reviews for an Intact insurance company. This is the biggest auto insurance company. They make people for insurance the vehicle, home etc. In the vehicle, you can follow the car insurance, motorcycle insurance, roadside assistance insurance, RV insurance, A TV and Snowmobile Insurance, Boat Insurance etc. Therefore, I have a list of the insurance products of the Intact insurance company.

Insurance Products of the Intact Insurance Company

  1. Auto/Car Insurance
  2. Home Insurance
  3. RV Insurance
  4. Motorcycle Insurance
  5. Boat Insurance
  6. Travel Insurance
  7. Tenants Insurance
  8. Cottage Insurance
  9. Commercial Vehicles Insurance
  10. Business Insurance
  11. Marine Insurance

You don’t have to follow all of them, you just need to follow the auto insurance program of the Intact Insurance Company. This company is the best of auto insurance. They provide compensation after the car is damaged or lost in an accident, thief etc. The company’s most of user rating is 5.0 and at present the total reviews 275. Automatically, it would be increased. The user reviewed well for their customer services and their auto insurance policy.

Location & Contact details of Intact Insurance Company

  • Intact Insurance is the nearest of the University of Toronto:-
  • 700 University Avenue Road.
  • Toronto, ON M5G 0A1
  • Phone Number: (416) 341 1464
  • Toll-Free Number: 1 (844) 489 3768
  • Claims Hotline: 1-866-464-2424 (Anytime)
  • Take a quote by call: 1 (844) 798 9609

Allstate Insurance Company

I hope you have heard the name of Allstate Insurance Company. In the United State of America have different type of branches for Allstate Insurance. Allstate Insurance Company is 3rd of the list of auto insurance companies in Ontario. Although, the company is the best of other insurance companies. The customer put the rank of the Allstate Insurance Company in 3rd position.

If you abide by the agreement of the company’s lows and take a quote from the company. And if problems occurred in your car, you can get money according to your insurance policy from Allstate Insurance Company.

In the Allstate insurance company has various kinds of reviews. I will show a few of their customer’s reviews. However, someone asked me on social media, Can I get the business insurance quote from Allstate Insurance? On the other hand, someone asked what can I get the auto insurance quote of the Allstate insurance company. According to my thing, why not? If you are trying to take a quote for auto insurance, you should choose the Allstate insurance company.

You may have a different type of company that will show the advance rate of their auto insurance calculation. But you don’t know the exact current rate of the auto insurance market. You should listen more and more to choose the company which is best for you. As my recommendation, the Allstate insurance company is the best.

The available quote of Allstate insurance is auto insurance quote, home insurance quote, condo insurance quote, renters insurance quote, business insurance quote, and life insurance quote. Here, you can see the reviews of the customer of Allstate insurance company.

Reviews from the customers of Allstate Insurance Company

“I appreciate the good service I get from Allstate. Jennifer is extremely helpful and very pleasant to work with. She is the best!”

“It was really easy would recommend the photo claim to everyone”

“I have always had Allstate insurance and I have never wanted to switch”

Insurance Products of the Allstate Insurance Company

  1. Auto/Car Insurance
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Flood Insurance
  4. Motorcycle Insurance
  5. Home Insurance
  6. Business Insurance
  7. College Savings Plan
  8. Annuities & Retirement
  9. Insurance quote & Insurance Agency

Location & Contact details of the Allstate Insurance Company

This Is Allstate Insurance agent Douglas Neighbors from Ontario HO.

  • 1367 Park Avenue W, #B Ontario, OH 44906
  • Phone Number: (419) 529 2313
  • Toll-Free Number: (800) 962 9253
  • Fax Number: (419) 529 5484
  • Email Number:

Able Insurance – Auto & Home Insurance Company

The full name of the able insurance is ABLE INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. This insurance company’s location 20 Maritime from Ontario Blvd. This is the 4th and last of the list of auto insurance companies in Ontario. Their insurance holder is also happy to provide the insurance services to their customers legitimately. However, they provide auto insurance, home insurance, truck insurance, business insurance services. According to these services, the company name was able insurance | Auto & Home Insurance company.


How to get Auto Insurance Quote from Able Insurance Ltd.

You can apply for an auto insurance quote. It’s simple way to apply. The company kept this quote name Auto Insurance FAST Online Quote. After visiting the web page, you will see an online forum. And you have to fill the forum successfully. Such as your first name and last name, address: street address, city name, post/zip code, select country, and region. Give a phone number, email number, number of vehicles, driver’s name who would be the principal driver.

The additional requirement of Auto Insurance Quote

  • Applicant Driver Licensee (following- G1, G2 & G3)
  • Applicant Driver Training Certificate (DTC)
  • Co-Applicant Name
  • Co-Applicant Driver Licensee(following- G1, G2 & G3)
  • Co-Applicant Driver Training Certificate (DTC)

If you have been filled up the forum then send it to the insurance broker Brampton location. After all, you can get an auto insurance quote from able insurance broker’s ltd.

Location & Contact details of the Able Insurance Brokers Ltd.

  • 20 Maritime Ontario Blvd.
  • Suite #220
  • Brampton ON
  • L65 OE7
  • Number for Get Quote: 905 799 9942
  • FAX Number: 1 866 202 1905


Insurance is money safer for the future. It’s the key to reduce expense the money. So every company invests more and more to provide the quotes to their customers. As well as they would be benefited and customers can reduce their risk at all. After all behind of life insurance is a protector. I hope, you will enjoy the auto/car insurance of your life beautifully. Thanks a lot for reading this article. At the last point, I want to say an additional phrase.

“Drive Carefully to Live Joyfully.”