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Living Cost Australia vs. Canada

Australia and Canada are both developed countries. Most of the people in the country lead a good life. Their inhabitance incomes are much higher than in most other countries. Though they have strong economics, after all, they have some differences.

Today we are going to discuss living cost Australia vs. Canada.

Living Cost Australia VS Canada:

Living Cost Australia VS Canada

The first connection between Canada and Australia was the deportation of 154 Canadian rebels to Australia in the 1800s. Since then, the countries have developed strong ties, having fought alongside each other in multiple Wars and UN Security Council missions.

We wanted to show the living cost Australia vs Canada objectively. So, looking at education, employment, health, happiness, and safety & security. Let’s compare keep in mind that these figures are based on countrywide data. There are huge variations within both countries based on demographics such as location and wealth.


Australia and Canada both have strong education systems that are far better than most developed countries.

Canada, however, is in the top 10 with a rank of 7 when looking at tertiary completion. Canada ranks first out of all the OECD countries.

56% of Canadians between the ages of 25 and 64 have completed tertiary education. Australia is rated seventh with 44% of this age having tertiary education. The number of graduates alone doesn’t tell the whole story in terms of the quality of the universities.

Australia outperforms Canada of the top 200 universities. Australia has 8 compared to Canada 6. When considering population, Australia has one top unit per 300,000 people compared to one per 600,000 in Canada. However, quality sometimes comes at a price.

The annual cost of studying at universities in Australia is 33% of the medium income, whereas, in Canada, it is only 22% outside of the UK in the U.S.


Australia and Canada are two of the most expensive countries to study at the university level. In terms of the economy, both of these countries are similar size. Canada has the 10th largest GDP where Australia has the 13th largest. Both of them are just 1/10 of the U.S.

GDP employment levels are high in both countries, however, with an unemployment rate of 5.5% compared to Canada’s 5.9%. Australia has proportionately more people employed. The average wage in Australia is also better than in Canada.

While personal tax rates vary based on individual situations KPMG lists. The different income tax rates in Australia 45% which is much higher than Canada at 33 percent number is the cost-of-living index.


Lisa Australia’s a more expensive country to live in with a rank of 15 out of 121 countries compared to Canada at 25 from a health perspective. Again, both countries are quite similar obesity, rates are terrible. In both countries, 29% of Australian’s are obese and 29.4% of Canadians. Obese close enough to call it a tie maternal mortality.

That is, the number of mothers who die per 100,000 live births is very low in both countries. Just seven per hundred thousand in Canada and six per hundred thousand in Australia. Infant mortality the percentage of children who died before the age of five is low in both countries. The 0.5 percent Canada and 0.4 percent in Australia.

Life Expectancy:

Life expectancy figures show that the average Canadian lives to eighty-one point seven years, compared to the average Australian at eighty-two point one five years. So, the average Ozzie lives an extra four and a half months.

In the safety and security category, Canada outperforms Australia. They have a global terrorism index rating of just two point five compared to two point seven in Australia.

Homicide rates:

Homicide rates are lower in Australia with less than one violent death per hundred thousand people compared to one point seven in Canada. But both are much better than the US at a rate of five point four.

The incarceration rate is lower in Canada, with only 114 prisoners per 100,000 people in the population, compared to 167 in Australia and Canada is ranked 8th on the Global Peace Index compared to Australia at 12.


So, while some of these rankings are close overall, Canada performed strongly here. Perhaps the most important category to consider is happiness in the world. Happiness index Australia is ranked 8 out of 41 countries. Canada scores almost the same but has a final rank of nine.

The homeless rates are both high compared to other OECD countries.

Suicide rates are lower in Australia at just eight-point five people per hundred thousand compared to Canada at ten. And finally, when it comes to public holidays, and annual leave full-time, Ozzy workers enjoy 31 days of leave, compared to most experienced Canadian workers at 25 days overall.

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Canada is a little safer, but Australia is a little healthier. Australia has better universities but Canada is better schools. Australia has higher taxes but Canada has lower wages. In this article, we have tried to give a clear idea about living cost Australia VS Canada.

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