Medical Instruments for Starting Your Own Clinic


Starting your own clinic isn’t an easy job. You’ll need to secure a location large enough to house multiple rooms for doctors, inventory, laboratory and of course the waiting rooms—some even go as far as including a few rooms for patients. You’d need to find a company that offers injection molding in China (where the highest quality plastic molds are made) to provide for some of your equipment, or just rely on local medical supplies distributors. And of course, you have to have the labor force to support the clinic, administrative staff, nurses, doctors and many more!

Best Medical Instruments

Medical Instruments
Medical Instruments

And of course, you’ll have to be fully equipped to support each and every patient—and the best way for that to happen is to have a solid list of medical instruments ready as soon as you open your clinic! To help you with identifying the most basic medical equipment that you need, here’s a list of them as well as what they are for!

#1 Basic Diagnostic Equipment

This includes blood pressure monitors, thermometers, oximeters, and a lot of other equipment that are used to identify and monitor the vital signs of patients. X-ray machines, Ultrasound, MRI, PET, and CT Scanners are also included in this category of equipment but are not necessary for a clinic that is just starting.

You would also need things such as stethoscopes and otoscopes as some of the more basic equipment that doctors and nurses would normally have.

Along with the other bigger and more expensive equipment such as the X-ray machines, you’ll also have to get the other instruments that are needed for it! Things such as exam gowns and step stools. Apart from this, you will also need x-ray technicians in your clinic. Well if you want to open a clinic in California, then don’t worry about the staff as California is the top-paying state for x-ray technicians.

#2 Disposable Medical Instruments

A disposable medical device is any medical apparatus that is made for single or temporary use. These items are very important in the medical industry because they help isolate contaminated samples and equipment by simply disposing of them away from the normal garbage.

Disposable medical instruments include syringes, hypodermic needles, wraps and bandages, drug tests, exam gowns, face masks, medical gloves, suction catheters, surgical sponges and so much more!

This category of medical equipment is primarily composed of plastic instruments, made with the help of injection molding in China. Some plastic devices are very intricate in a way that they aren’t that simple to make. The plastic molding industry in China, however, is advanced enough to manufacture such items in enormous numbers!

#3 Laboratory Equipment

Some of the most essential equipment needed by a clinic, a hospital, or any medical institution is the laboratory equipment. The laboratory is the place where a multitude of tests is done. Every time a clinic takes a biological sample from you, this is where it goes and gets examined.

That being the case, this is also an area that is supposed to be as sterile as possible. people would usually work with loads of different chemicals and substances—from medicine and cleansing materials to human waste such as pee and excrements.

Some of the most common laboratory equipment include autoclaves, centrifuges, test tubes, chemistry/glucose/urine analyzers, microscopes, freezers and refrigerators, and many more.

Most of these equipment needs to be constantly cleaned and sterilized because even the slightest difference in the environment of the laboratory can cause the results to be inaccurate! So be careful when taking care of your laboratory and the equipment in it!

#4 Administrative Equipment and Operating Software

Every establishment with some sort of operation needs to have at least some administrative equipment for bookkeeping and operating some of the other equipment that relies on computers as their main platform.

The administrative equipment that a cleaning would need is basically a computer. It’s enough for keeping a record of the patient’s data, the results of tests, and it can also be a platform in which some data can be seen and analyzed, particularly images of under a microscope, x-ray results, chemical compositions of blood and such, etc.

Though it may be common sense and it’s not really equipment but rather items, it should also be important that things such as pens and paper are included in this category. Medical forms, patient forms, and all other significant legal documents should always be in stock in any medical institution!

#5Emergency, Janitorial, and Other Equipment

A Medical clinic or any other establishment will not be complete without these. Emergency lights, power generators, airways, oxygen tanks, masks, resuscitation bags, aspirators and more are very important in a place where sick and injured people usually come and go. Having emergency equipment ready at all times can mean the difference in urgent or unplanned situations.

Janitorial equipment, on the other hand, is just a staple in any establishment. But its significance increases particularly since medical facilities need to be constantly pristine and clean so that the environment itself won’t be the cause

Key Takeaway

Medical equipment can make or break the effectiveness and reputation of a medical clinic. Make sure you know your medical equipment and have them at hand before you open your clinic to the public!