Step By Step Method Of Fixing Your Damaged PDF Files Via PDF Bear


Most of us rely on Portable Document Format (PDF) files on a regular basis. Developed by Adobe, the format consists of crucial components to show the entirety of any documents in a single layout. You can easily share the format regardless of the operating system you use.

However, when using these files, some users may encounter errors. Files may be unreadable or corrupted, and there will be an error message prompt on your screen. When this happens, your vital data or documents may lose in just a blink of an eye. If you are wondering how to repair your damaged PDF files, you come to the right place. We’ll show you step-by-step on how to fix it via an online tool.

How To Repair Your PDF Via PDF Bear?

How To Repair Your PDF Via PDF Bear

Whenever you receive an error message for your PDF files, never panic. PDF Bear offers the newest and fastest solution for your corrupted files. You just have to visit the website and follow these following methods to repair PDF:

Step 1: Select Your Damaged/Corrupted PDF File

When you land on the website, you will see a huge box where you will upload your corrupted PDF files. To upload your files, just click the “+” sign, and it will direct you to your available PDFs on your File Manager. The process will start immediately.

Step 2: The Website’s Tool Will Analyze The File And Upload It

After selecting PDFs to be recovered, the website’s tool will automatically analyze all the inputs and start uploading them. All the damaged PDFs uploaded to its server will be immediately deleted after an hour. Thus, it secures the confidentiality of your documents.

Step 3: Some Files May Not Be Recovered, But The System Will Not Make It Worse

The website may not guarantee you to recover all your corrupted files. However, they can promise all users that they will never make the files worse. They are known for providing users the most effective and trusted repairing tool for all PDFs.

Step 4: Click Repair

Whether you are using a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, you can easily repair your PDF using it because this is an online-based PDF tool. After the three methods mentioned, just click the “Repair” option to complete the whole repairing task.

Possible Reasons Behind Your Damaged or Corrupted Files

PDFs may be prone to damage when used regularly for everyday purposes. From academic to business files, your PDFs can be corrupted, especially if you do not include security features. Some of the possible causes of the damaged files are the following:


This is the most common cause of corrupted files. Until now, it is the common issue of most PDF users. They may get error messages like “Your PDF is not a supported file.” Even your Microsoft Office file like Excel and Word can get corrupted anytime.

Improper Download

While uploading your PDFs in an unstable internet connection, your downloads may lead to incomplete or fail. An improper download of PDFs can damage the entire file structure. Hence, the files will get corrupted.

Sudden System Shutdown

When you experience a sudden shutdown of your laptop or computer, it may be due to internal system error or power failure. In this scenario, there will be a high possibility that your PDF files will get corrupted if you are still working on it.

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Aside from offering users a repairing tool, the website can also convert your documents into PDF format. You can also use its merging, splitting, and security tools. You can visit the site now to experience its greatness. Today, it is essential to find the most trusted website for any online process. PDF Bear guarantees you a 100% secured privacy.