Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends in 2023

2022 is now over, and it is starting off the New Year 2023. In the previous years, we have seen several technological improvements that gradually improved and still, they are growing until they reach the moon. However, in the technological growth, also, we have seen many improvements in the mobile category such as we were involved in virtual reality and virtual assistant, augmented reality and more.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

According to the, we had 775.5 million mobile users in 2022 that increased at 813.2 million in 2023. It means mobile developer should be aware of the modern growth and also needs to be updated in their mobile apps development job. At GoingIT in Melbourne, the expert team of Android app developers are available that aware of each mobile-related trends and that is why they are well familiar with each growing trend. At last, we have shortlisted and made an important bullet point for you by getting an overview from GoingIT android team and internet analysis. Here are the current trends of 2023 that helps to create the best android application.

Instant Mobile Apps Growing Nowadays

Do you know what an instant app is? Of course from the instant word you may be imagined something being immediate but what? Ok, let me clear this. The instant app is an application that you can use without any installation that completely runs on the cloud server that saves your memory and time. Google has recently updated this platform in the Google play store. Since then Google has been added several applications as instant apps. Instant apps would be the next future of android application so you must be familiar with this. Moreover, it would be a primary point for Android app developers so they should be constantly updated about instant app features.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Most of technology lovers may be familiar with these two words augmented and virtual reality. However, If you do not know then one of the best examples is Pokémon Go which is being popular because it has included the augmented reality feature. About Virtual reality, it is also most known in the gaming field.

There are several movies on youtube that we can define as virtual reality. Since the invention of AR and VR, it has been growing day by day and in 2018 there are thousands of applications on the play store that included this feature. So in order to grow your current market, you also need to develop the application with AR and VR features. It would be the best option to develop an application. Now, Instagram and snap chat that is top runners in the area of augmented reality.

Wearable Devices:

In the current busy schedule, everyone wants to save time. That is the only reason wearable devices become part of them.  The wearable device has been growing and now it has become essential parts of human life and still, their usage will increase in 2023. So we can count the wearable device as one of the growth factors in the point of mobile app development trends. So in order to be a top-level developer you should have also knowledge of wearable device in the Android platform. Not only for the developer but it also been an important factor for a business that would get benefits by developing the application with wearable devices.

Mobile Payment Function: If you have developed an application with online transaction features then there must be a payment option available for customers, now what if you have given only one payment option like only from credit card then you are losing a customer that are using the other payment options because in the current online world there are list of payment option require like Debit card, net banking and also third-party app like Paytm, Google Pay. So you need to include all types of payment option in the application that are currently trending.

Internet of Things (IOT): In the IOT application networks are interconnected to each other so it is currently the most important application features as it creates a friendlier atmosphere. For Example, a doctor using an IOT application to guide a patient, give daily prescriptions and patient also tell to doctor about their problems. Even School is using an IOT application for students’ notes, giving updates to their parents and more. So it is one more growth factor that you should consider in 2023. Since the 2016 IOT applications growing constantly, so we should count them as growing mobile application trends in 2023.

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