Most Effective Water Softeners of 2018

Water softeners are used to – as the name suggests – soften water that in turn removes the chemicals such as calcium and magnesium that caused the water to turn hard. If the water contains a high level of both calcium and magnesium, it results in hard water.

Water Softener

Hard water causes a number of problems for households including clogged pipes and water as well as leaving water spots behind. This eventually results in a scale buildup in your pipes and water appliances, which then reduces the efficiency of your water heater.

So to avoid any of those mishaps, take a gander at our list of some of the following water softeners available today that will give you more bang out of your buck:

#1. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

Grain Water Softener
Grain Water Softener

Feast your eyes on Fleck 5600SXT, the complete house water softener out there right now. Its control head offers the digital controls, with an informative display and is quite easy to set up. It also comes with a tank, resin and brine tank. All you have to do is just plumb it in and add salt into it.

It uses a flow meter that measures how much water you use and regenerates when required. This decreases the amount of salt that is used as well as the amount of water that could be wasted. Its LCD display current system status in real-time and error codes for troubleshooting and at-a-glance information.

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#2. Tier 1 Digital Water Softener

Digital Water Softener
Digital Water Softener

If you hate dry skin and hair as well as scaling pipes more than anything else and want them dealt with effectively, then Tier 1’s Series 165 Water Softener is the answer for you.

It offers easy connect fittings on the drain line, brine line and offers fast and easy installation.

Key features include:

  • This water softener not only save up money on electricity, but use up less soap to clean your skin clean, keep your hair shiny, laundry bright and fixtures protected.
  • The user-friendly LCD display shows all relevant information that relates to softening up water.
  • Fully adjustable cycle times
  • Simple-to-understand verbiage that doesn’t require you to remember any complex codes or symbols.
  • Reliable, precise and completely easy to operate.
  • It also includes a bypass valve and quick connections that allow you to install and maintain the system quickly

3. US Water Aquatrol

The US Water Aquatrol is another well-rounded water softener that comes in two sizes, giving you more of a chance to find the best size for your home.

Its best highlights are as follows:

  • Easy Programming: With its simple controls and displays, you can work your way around this system in no time
  • Electronic Meter-Control: This feature prevents wastage of salt and soft water.
  • Capicator Backup: Has a 24-hour power backup in case of power failure and you never have to set it up again.
  • Safety Brine Valve: Prevents accidental overflow from the brine tank
  • Built-in Bypass Valve: Allows you to turn off or bypass system on demand.
  • Lifetime Tank Warranty: In other words, this is the only tank you’ll be owning for a long time.

4. Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener

Iron Pro 2’s little monster does more than just softening up hard water. It also integrates an iron filter removing any ferrous iron that mixes in with the hard minerals from your water. This is by far the most ideal water softening solution that you could probably find.

Features include:

  • LCD display along with touchpad control
  • Complete brine tank, which also includes a brine well and a float assembly
  • Digital metered valve
  • 1-inch stainless steel bypass valve
  • 64,000 maximum grain capacity
  • 5-year warranty for the control head and a 10-year warranty for the tank

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