The 7 Most Useful Kitchen Knives You Should Keep at Home

The cutting knives are undeniably one of the most crucial parts of any kitchen and particularly over the earlier few years, this thing has become more technical and sophisticated. A variation of kitchen knives types is available in the marketplace and in order to get the useful knives you need to be very clear with your needs connected to food cutting.

Since different cutting work is involved in a modern kitchen, accordingly a variety of knives are available in the market which can be used to perform a particular cutting task as per your requirement. Below you can find details of different types of kitchen knives.

7 Most Useful Kitchen KnivesYou Should Keep at Home

Most Useful Kitchen Knives

This is one of the most widely used knives across the globe in almost all the kitchens. These knives are used for multi-tasking and could be used to do a variety of tasks like cutting, mincing, chopping, and slicing. A good chef’s knife has a bolster for better grip and control of the knife.

These knives usually come in the size of 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” long blades. They are generally long and are used to do cutting in all concerns. Scientifically, the longer the knife is, the more difficult it becomes to control it as it becomes heavy.

Hence lengthy knives are generally preferred by professionals who have mastered the art of using long knives and they use it for reducing the time for cutting and that is the reason this knife is named as the chef’s knife as it becomes the best friend of a chef in the kitchen.

1. The Sushi Knives

Sushi is one of the most popular food items all over the world, especially in Japan. Making a sushi dish is not an easy task for a chef. It takes years of practice and technique. In this case, a chef must need a best sushi knife for preparing the perfect sushi dish. A shish knife has some unique features. The perfect size sushi knife is 10 to 15 inches long, single beveled edge thin blade, which is design to cut fish and sushi rolls slice by slice. You have to cut the fish slices and rolls without breaking them.

Most of the top-quality sushi knife made in high carbon steel, very sharp and have to take good care of it. The sushi knives are sharpened one part of the blade to keep the cutting edge blade and the opposite area remains flat. It has a plain edge so that foodstuff doesn’t attach to the sushi knife.

2. The Paring Kitchen Knives

It is also known as a peeling knife as it is used to peel off the skin of fresh fruits and vegetables. It has a thin and narrow blade. These knives have a tip like that of a bird’s beak which makes it a perfect knife to be used for shaping and peeling but contrary, on the other hand, it cannot be used for straight cutting or slicing due to its shape.

Hence this is a specific knife designed for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables. These knives are a must in your kitchen as they can also serve your multiple cutting needs.

3. The Carving Kitchen knives

Also known as slicing knives, they have long blades to slice easily through different food items. Some of these knives have hollow prints on the blades so that the air can get trapped between the blades and not the food to be cut and your cutting work can get easier without any friction.

These knives, in particular, have long and thin edges that are straight in shape so that they can give you a comfortable slicing experience even when the size of the item to be cut is large.

4. The Utility Kitchen Knives

This knife could be classified somewhere between a chef’s knife and a paring knife and is a perfect utility for cutting soft-skinned fruits of small size. These knives generally vary in size from 5 to 6-1/2 inches in length.

They are also referred to as sandwich knives by many because their serrated edges make it easy to tear off the food fiber and give you an easy cut without any hindrance.

5. The Bread Kitchen Knives

These knives have serrated edges to easily tear the bread fiber into pieces and to easily cut through the long loaf of the bread. These knives come with long blades that are long enough to penetrate through large loafs with ease and generally, the size is around 8 to 9 inches.

6. The Steak Kitchen Knives

These knives are designed to be kept at the point of service or at the dining table. They have serrated blades and are used for cutting the meat rather than slicing it. They come in a pair of 4 to 8 in general and are of great help when you dine with your near and dear ones.

These knives have the ability to tear off the meat without losing its flavor or juices so that you can enjoy a great meal without any loss of flavor.

7. The Specialty Kitchen Knives

There are other kinds of knives like the sashimi knife or cheese knife which is designed scientifically to cut the cheese into a suitable size and shape. The blades of these knives have hollow construction on them so as to form air pockets on the surface thus reducing the friction between the knife surface and the cheese.

Other types of specialty knives include a tomato knife, grapefruit knife, and decorative knives. All these different types of kitchen knives are designed and made for a specific purpose which they can accomplish with perfection.

Various types of kitchen knives are broadly used worldwide by different professionals and house makers depending upon their usage and requirements. In order to get the best kitchen knives, you will first have to analyze your needs and then you can choose from the most useful knife for you.

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Final Verdict

Since all the above-mentioned types of knives are meant to perform some specific task and their design and construction is done in a manner so that they will perform a specific task better than any knife can, you can have all these knives with you for your different cutting needs as and when required.