The Must-Have Timepieces from Bell and Ross


Are you looking for timepieces you can make use of when it comes to your everyday activities? The Bell and Ross are known to create unique and renowned watches that will perfectly fit your daily errands. It is well known internationally and has proven some of its excellent qualities to users who have already availed their models.


The Must-Have Timepieces from Bell and Ross

In this article, we will show you where this time maker started and how they started so that you will have a brief history of the Bell and Ross upon purchasing. We will also show you the top models this time makers offer to the world for you to browse them and take time to contemplate whether you should avail them.

Where Bell and Ross Started

The Bell and Ross Watches was known to be first created in 1992. It was started by two friends known as Carlos A. Rosillo (Ross) and Bruno Belamich (Bell) Carlos A. Rosillo (Ross). They both shared a dream to create timepieces that are durable but also at the same time functional. Using their basic knowledge in function shapes form.

The inspiration for this french brand comes from the history of aviation and military-technological advances and specifications. As the result of their motivation, each Bell and Ross watch is known to have performing qualities and the highest visual. The automatic chronograph they have ever made is known to be the Space 1.

The owners don’t just want to create stylishly designed timepieces, but they also want to develop clocks useful for working professionally. That they made watches that can withstand extreme temperatures; an example of this is the BR 01. Let us show you some of the top clocks this brand offers for everyone.

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Instruments BR03-94 Blue Steel

This model is one of the best timepieces Bell and Ross can offer to their users. It comes from their collection named Instruments. It comes with an aesthetic style and also comes with an efficient performance. The luxurious blue calfskin and its ultra-resilient synthetic fabric can withstand different elements and weather.

Instruments BR05 Grey Steel

If you are looking for a more straightforward design of the well-known BR03-94, this is the model that is right for you. It also has features that are similar to the BR03-94. It comes with a clean dial, so you can easily read the time in this timepiece. It is also known as the “Round in a Square” design. It is perfect for persons who love to look like they are urban.

Instrument BR05 Blue Steel

The Instrument BR05 Blue Steel is known to have a very similar design to BR03-94 Blue Steel. The only difference they have is the metallic grey case this timepiece extends into its strap. The numerals used in its dial are painted with Superluminova to help the users read the time even when they are in the darkest place.

Like other Bell and Ross watches, this particular model also has a water resistance that can go up to 100 meters. It means that even when you are swimming, you don’t have to worry about damaging the timepiece you have. It is an excellent timepiece for your date nights.

Instrument BR05 Black Steel

This model comes with an elegant look; it also has a function that is for the military. It also includes a clean dial for users to read the time easily. It also comes with a movement known as the Calibre BR-CAL.321, and it is a mechanical movement that is automatic. This timepiece also provides users with the highest quality technologies.

BR 03-92 Phantom

Are you a watch collector that loves black color, or all of your clothes in your wardrobe are black? You want a watch that will perfectly fit all of these outfits, well the BR 03-92 Phantom is the perfect watch for black lovers as this watch is coated in matte black it is also made up of ceramic material.

BR 03-92 Bi-Compass

This model looks like a radio compass that is vintage in style. If you look into the inner of this timepiece, you might find that this watch’s hour hand is missing. Bell and Ross design it in that way. The blue-green coated triangle located in the middle will tell you the time.


It is tough to find the right watches these days, especially if you have to choose hundreds of thousands of brands and collections. Bell and Ross will fit your everyday lifestyle. That is why try to check out their watches available in the market. You might want to buy from their clock as they offer stylish and high-quality timepieces.