Must-Haves and Top Tips for the Gym


Whether you are new to the gym or you’ve been going for a long time, these tips might help you. For some people who are intimidated to go to the gym, they might relate more to some of these than others, but they sure do apply to everyone. Take heed.

Must-Haves and Top Tips for the Gym

Take your own towel, even if the gym supplies them

You never know when they will have some reason for running out of clean towels — towel service is running behind, machines are broken down, the delivery hasn’t come, etc. You’ll be the wise one with a towel in your bag and ready to handle your own business like a boss. That’s the way to be prepared! Good job! Pat yourself on the back. Just keep an extra towel in your gym bag all the time and when the need arises, you’ll be totally proud that you’ve been prepared all along.

Don’t compare yourself to others, no matter what

Wear what you are comfortable in and be less concerned about what the cute little blonde is wearing. You’re there for you, right? You can’t do better for yourself when you are totally focused on what someone else is doing for them. The bottom line is that you must be concerned about your own situation and not get caught up in the games at the gym. You’ll be a lot happier. Gyms should be judgment-free zones where people come to sweat and make their lives longer. Her outfit will be out of fashion soon enough.

Take plenty of water from home and a snack bar

If you take supplements for lifting weights, make sure that you’ve got them in your bag. Running out or forgetting them can lead to buying from the gym and that can cost you 2 to 3 times the cost of bringing your own. Don’t forget your own supplements. Bring your own sports drink from home, too. It’s just as good as the one at the gym and you’ll pay for less in the end.

Put together your own playlist and bring earbuds so you can listen to the music you choose

Everyone has a different idea of what pumps them up. Some like hard rock, some prefer dance/electronica, while some people like listening to audiobooks on the treadmill. Whatever your personal preference is, have it ready and your workout will put you in the zone. It’s important to tune out everything around you in a busy Denver fitness center.

Bring shower shoes that you can wear in the locker room before, during, and after your shower

It’s very important to prevent athlete’s foot and toenail fungus that can be spread easily. Even the cleanest fitness centers can’t prevent all incidents of germs from being spread. While they do their part, often a cleaning person that is there wiping down showers and mopping all day long, you should also do your part.

Wear clothes that breathe, wick away moisture from your skin, and above all — clothes that make you feel good

If you like the way you look, you’ll feel better and you’ll be more likely to spend more time at the gym. If you aren’t comfortable and don’t like the way you feel or look, you are far more likely to leave in a hurry and not stick around long enough to get in a good workout.

These tips will help you stay more focused, have fewer excuses to shorten workouts and ensure that you’re on track to better health in the coming year.