Using a Bed Bug Exterminator in OKC

Sleep is one of the effective ways to get rest after a long day. However, an uncomfortable mattress especially one infested with bed bugs can make it difficult to achieve your desired rest. Getting rid of your infested mattress is a great idea but these pests are likely to infest the new one if they aren’t taken care of. These pests are quite dangerous and pervasive and can equally go unnoticed for a long time.

Using a Bed Bug Exterminator in OKC

Bedbugs are tiny, brownish, egg-shaped insects that feed off human or animal blood. Their bodies make it easy to fit into small spaces and also to move quickly. Although they do not transmit any disease, they reproduce easily and pierce the skin with their elongated beak to draw blood. This results in itchy welts on the skin. Their behavior and life cycle also make it hard to eliminate them permanently.

There are, however, several treatments available that can be used in ridding one of this nuisance. Once identified, the right steps should be taken to get rid of them. If you live in or around Oklahoma City, you can easily find a good Bed Bug Company in OKC to help you with effective and long-lasting treatments. These treatments do not only kill the bugs but destroy the eggs thereby preventing reproduction and re-infestation.

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Signs of Bedbug Infestation

Although these pests are small, they can be detected by the naked eyes. There are also other ways to identify bedbugs’ presence and tell it apart from other insects in the home. Some of these signs include.

Tiny Dark Spots

This is the excrement and usually appears as a black spot on surfaces such as mattresses, carpets, or beddings.

Blood Spots

When your skin is bitten, blood trickles and this leaves a spot when it makes contact with your bedding. For ways to get rid of this blood spot, check here:

Red, Itchy Spots

The area around the bite is often red but appears a bit darker in the middle where the bedbug must have bitten. This is different from the bite mark of other insects.

Empty Shells

These are pale yellow and are the shells of bedbugs as they become adults; this is because the nymphs must shed their skin before attaining maturity.

Tiny White Eggs

They lay small whitish eggs that look like a grain of rice. A female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in a year.

Top Bed Bug Extermination Methods

Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate since they multiply quickly and are mostly active at night. However, eliminating it is a process and may take a while. It is also largely dependent on the extent of the infestation, thoroughness, and the method employed. Here are some ways to exterminate it:

Using a Bed Bug Exterminator in OKC

Traditional Chemical

This is a more affordable method that involves the use of an insecticide to kill the pests. It is not as effective as the heat treatment because it kills only bugs that come in contact with it. This, therefore, requires a follow-up application because some insects can stay in hiding for up to 7 days. Without it, the eggs could hatch and continue reproduction. This technique is also not fast and demands constant reapplication to effectively get rid of the pests.

Heat Method

This treatment is efficient and fast often taking just 8 hours to get it done by heating the room to 145°F. This temperature drives the pest out of hiding and also kills the eggs—materials such as furniture, drywall, concrete, and mattresses act as insulators. Excess heat, however, may harm sensitive items and electronics so this method demands an expert technician. It is advisable to apply a residual pesticide to avoid a fresh infestation from any bug that may hitchhike from other parts of the house.

Natural Home Remedies

There are other Do- It- Yourself options although it is more advisable to use a professional. This method may also take longer, demand regular inspections and in some cases re-treatments to successfully remove these bugs. Vacuuming can greatly reduce the number but may not eliminate it but ensure you throw the vacuum bag outside.

Steaming constantly is another natural way to eliminate bugs as it kills them immediately but it may cause harm to some finishes and shouldn’t be kept close to electricity. This may also not provide total relief. For a demonstration on how to carry out this method, watch this video.


Untreated bed bug infestation can cause more problems for your health. It could also make the treatment more time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to begin the extermination process once the nuisance is identified. Ensure you are familiar with the various available options and choose one that is suitable to your budget and condition.