Oppo A71 WiFi Hotspot Setup – Oppo WiFi Configure


This page will describe oppo A71 wifi hotspot setup and how to configure wifi hotspot easily. Android Smartphone users know about the wifi hotspot. WiFi hotspot setup process is easy for everyone but the trouble will show when you want to get access to wireless wifi hotspot connection. Let’s go to know something about the wifi hotspot. Nowadays, wifi hotspot popularity has increased in all the country because it has some awesome quality. Keep in mind that technology always inspires us via their new experience.

Wifi hotspot is one of the best technology in our whole world’s communication system. It has added a new dimension in our communication system. It’s a very exciting creation of scientist. WiFi hotspot has so many great privileges as a result, we can transfer so many files without any wire. If your smartphone will be locked by FRP, you can’t unlock without using the wireless wifi hotspot connection. If you have proper wifi hotspot connection, it would be easy to unlock FRP with your strategy.

Through wifi hotspot, we can share our internet once to another device and without any wire. At present some multiplayer games are playing via wifi hotspot those games like Mini Militia, Special Force 2, Bomb Squad. On the other hand, the bank of the specific country using WiFi hotspot to make their security very strong even they success to take alertness of the security issue. So a smartphone is a simple part of setup wifi hotspot. You can use wifi router for the best privileges. After all, we had known about the WiFi hotspot proficiency. So now go ahead to know how to setup Oppo A71 WiFi hotspot.

Oppo A71 WiFi Hotspot Setup
Oppo A71 WiFi Hotspot Setup

Oppo A71 WiFi Hotspot Setup

  • Restart your Oppo A71 to start newly
  • Go to the Setting Option->General->More->Personal Hotspot
  • You will see the Name and Password setting option
  • You have to select WiFi hotspot Setting Option
  • You will see the SSID field even type a name on Name SSID field
  • Keep in mind that SSID name is your WiFi network Name
  • Under of Encryption option, you can select None, WPA-PSK, WPA2 PSK
Oppo A71 WiFi Hotspot Setup
Oppo A71 WiFi Hotspot Setup
  • If you select None, it’s without security that’s called by open network
  • Recommended for you to keep security, choose WPA2 PSK option
  • You should keep a strong password for your Oppo A71 Smartphone
  • After complete the setup, you have to save the setting

Turn On Personal WiFi Hotspot on Oppo A71

  • Go to the personal hotspot section
  • Tap on the above-right corner to turn on WiFi hotspot
  • Go back from the option of Oppo A71 smartphone

Establish and Connect network from another’s Wi-Fi Hotspot Device

  • Take a wireless WiFi device
Oppo A71 WiFi Hotspot Setup
Oppo A71 WiFi Hotspot Setup
  • Go to the turn on WiFi option & turn on the WiFi
  • After turn on, you will see a network name that you entered in the name of SSID field
  • If the security is none, you just join the network without password
  • If the security protected, you have to put a password on the field
  • Now your connection established successfully.
  • If you had failed to establish the connection, you can use the reset option
  • So that you can re-setup the network generally

This setup process will help you to create the best wifi hotspot secure connection with your Oppo A71 Android smartphone. Although, if you face any problems with this smartphone, you can know us via following the comment option below.