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Many couples spend months, if not years, planning that perfect day and dream of the moment when they stare into their beloved’s eyes and pledge their vows. Understandably, you want a special day to be the best of your life, and it’s a day when your smile is immortalized forever in those wedding day photos. But what if your teeth don’t match your perfect appearance? Discolored, uneven and imperfect teeth could prevent you from giving your broadest, biggest smile on what should be your happiest day.

If you think your smile will make you feel self-conscious, what better reason than your wedding day for having a smile makeover.

When to See a Dentist to Start Planning Your Smile Makeover?

If you are seriously considering cosmetic dentistry, the best time for an initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist is soon after you get engaged, even if your wedding day is sometime in the future. Leaving a consultation too close to the actual day could mean if anything is delayed or requires extra treatment, there isn’t any leeway for error. Ideally, it’s best to have cosmetic dental procedures completed in good time as this will make sure the procedures are done correctly, and it gives you time to enjoy the process and to get used to your beautiful new smile. There are so many factors that can influence the outcome of treatment including the condition of your teeth and gums, whether you have existing restorations like crowns or fillings, and if your teeth need straightening.

Planning a Wedding Smile Makeover

When you see your chosen cosmetic dentist, they can assess your dental health and can talk to you about your dreams and desires for your wedding day smile makeover. Before you see them think about how you’d like to improve your smile and make a list of anything that you find particularly irritating such as a chip in a tooth or perhaps an unsightly gap between teeth, as giving your dentist more information allows them to tailor your plan accordingly, helping you to achieve your aims or hopefully exceed them.

Once your dentist has all this information, they can decide which treatments might help you best and will devise a custom plan. Your plan should list all the treatments suitable for you, the time needed to complete them, and the estimated cost. Your dentist will spend quite some time going through this plan with you and can explain each treatment in more detail, so you understand it fully. Often several options can achieve a similar outcome, and there may be different materials that can be used. The plan can be tailored for the amount of time available before your wedding and can suit your budget.

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What Kinds of Treatments Are Typically Used in a Wedding Smile Makeover?

When it comes to a wedding smile makeover, the sky is the limit as there are also the treatments that can help you ranging from a simple tooth whitening treatment right up to full mouth reconstruction. Initially, your dentist’s main aim is to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and strong. Any signs of dental disease like tooth decay or gum disease must be treated before you can have a wedding smile makeover. Ensuring your teeth are strong and healthy will help the results to last longer, and of course, it protects your oral health.

Treatments you may want to consider include veneers that can help perfect the appearance of your smile, or if your teeth are wonky, it could be worth considering adult orthodontic treatment. Modern orthodontics is far more discreet and can often use invisible aligners made from thin clear plastic that fits tightly over your teeth. Straightening your teeth with orthodontic treatment can be an excellent conservative procedure and especially if your teeth are simply crooked and are quite nicely shaped. Although orthodontics may take a year to complete, more cosmetically oriented problems only affecting your front teeth can often be remedied in as little as a few months. Also, the shorter treatment time is reflected in the price. Once your teeth are straight, you could then think about perfecting their appearance with perhaps one or two porcelain veneers to cover teeth that may be chipped or worn or discolored and which won’t respond to a normal tooth whitening treatment.

Other options include beautiful porcelain crowns and the most modern crowns are entirely metal-free and look incredibly lifelike. If you have older discolored fillings, these can be replaced with tooth-colored fillings that will instantly brighten your smile while protecting your teeth. If you are missing some teeth, don’t worry as there are several solutions available. Although you could consider a dental bridge that is supported by your natural teeth, the most modern solution is to have dental implants that are self-supporting, and which closely replicate real teeth. With this solution, no one needs to know you ever lost a tooth, not even your fiancé!

What If I Don’t Have Time for a Full Wedding Smile Makeover?

If time is limited and you are getting married quite soon, there are still several things you can do to brighten your smile. Firstly, book a checkup and hygiene appointment with your local dental office. A hygiene appointment may be all you need as removing hardened plaque, a substance called calculus will instantly brighten your smile. Afterward, your hygienist can gently polish your teeth, removing some surface stains, and giving them added sparkle. It’s also a great treatment for freshening breath!

During your checkup, your dentist can examine your teeth and gums and can discuss suitable treatments that can be completed quite quickly. One of the most popular is teeth whitening and especially when completed in the office. Your teeth can be whitened by several shades in as little as an hour. A custom take-home whitening kit takes a bit longer, usually a couple of weeks to get the full results but have the advantage in that you can reuse the whitening trays when your teeth begin to discolor again. Other options like porcelain veneers and crowns can also be completed quite quickly, but it’s best not to leave it to the last minute when you are most likely very busy and don’t have time for lots of dental appointments. Seeing a dentist soon about your wedding smile makeover helps takes the stress out of the process as it should be something enjoyable.