3 Plumbing Disasters That Need Immediate Professional Attention

Have you ever thought you’ve heard water flowing in your house when there’s no one else home? Or perhaps you’ve just come home to the sound of flooding water.

As you creep up the stairs or down the corridor to see what’s going on you might find to your horror water gushing all over the floor. This is an emergency plumbing situation.


5 Plumbing Disasters That Need Immediate Professional Attention

But what caused your emergency and what emergency plumbing service should you call to fix it for you? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Flooding

Have you ever been in a situation where you can turn your taps off and the water continues to flow? Or maybe you don’t understand the source. Either way, water that seemed to keep on coming can be frightening. You know if you don’t get it under control soon then your entire house or apartment could be underwater in seconds.

And if you let your imagination run away from you then you might have visions of your entire floor caving in.

You could have a burst pipe or your tap could have exploded. Calling an emergency plumber is your only option here. In the meantime try to stop the water from flooding as best you can to avoid disaster.

You might also want to consider drain cleaning as blocked drains can also have a knock-on effect and can make it more difficult for water to drain in a flooding situation.

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2. Frozen Pipes

Another emergency plumping situation you might suffer from is frozen pipes. If you have frozen pipes then you have the opposite issue from flooding. You might not be able to get any water at all when you turn on your taps.

If it’s cold outside then your pipes and even your taps could have frozen. This is not solved by simply pouring hot water on the pipes and trying to thaw them out.

The ice could have caused the pipes to break and you may need to have them fixed. An all hours emergency plumbing service is the only way to resolve this issue. Be sure to call them as soon as possible so they can arrange an alternative water supply while they get to the bottom of it.

3. Natural Disaster

Natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes can wreak a lot of damage on the local infrastructure if you are not careful including your pipes. This will likely increase because of the climate emergency happening all over the world. In a situation like this, you are likely the only house affected.

Be sure to find shelter straight away. You can fix the issues with your plumping later. But contact your local government agency and let them know of the damage so that they be repaired as part of the local rebuilding program.

Emergency Plumbing Is Essential

Emergency plumbing is essential to your house. You need to make sure that you have access to a clean water supply as this is a basic human necessity. This is especially true during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Whether you have frozen pipes or you suffer from a natural disaster be sure to call an all-hours emergency plumbing to get the bottom of it.

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