17 Popular Equipment for Home Gyms in 2023

Are you looking to work out from home this year? Many people state that they enjoy having the option to work out from home but lack equipment. Whether you’re just starting and want to develop a routine or are an avid gym-goer trying to have easier access, you can have a home gym. With the proper equipment, you can work out anytime from the comfort of your home.

Here is the most polar equipment for a half-garage home gym.

Gym Equipment for Small Spaces

You can still have enough equipment to get a good workout if you don’t have an actual home gym. If you plan to use a small space in your bedroom, office, or living room for working out, you can get a few of these.

Skipping Rope

It offers a fantastic cardio workout that helps you maintain proper cardiovascular health and build endurance. A simple skipping rope is perfect for any room with a high ceiling or outside. If you want a challenge, opt for a weighted skipping rope that will offer added resistance.

Walking Pad

A walking pad is a treadmill specifically for walking and the occasional light jog. It is excellent for those who can’t get time to work out or are looking to get more steps in. Walking is one of the best forms of cardio as it is low impact and low intensity, and you can easily commit to doing it daily. Walking pads can fit under desks, beds, or sofas, and you can use them while you work, watch TV or scroll social media.

Foldable Treadmill

If you want to walk and run, it is much better to buy a foldable treadmill. It allows you to run, sprint, and train with whatever intensity you want. It is a great way to get your cardio in regularly, and you can fold it for storage after use. Some foldable treadmills have incline settings, allowing you to simulate an intense walk or run uphill.

Adjustable Dumbbell Set

It is ideal for anyone with minimal workout space who wants to strength train. It allows you to have dumbbells of varying weights in one box. If you pick an adjustable selectorized dumbbell set, you can have all the weights on one bar and select the weight you want using a dial system. The set stays in its storage box, and you can place it in one corner of a room.


An exercise mat is crucial for any home gym. It can help you have a softer surface to jump rope on or do bodyweight workouts. Foldable mats are easy to store and clean. If you work out often, this will be the equipment you’ll replace the most, but it is well worth it.

Pilates or Yoga Blocks

A set of blocks is a splendid investment for those looking to do intense low-impact resistance workouts. These small blocks make it easier to do bodyweight exercises like pushups, handstands, and pistol squats. They also make stretching and mobility work easier.

Long-Loop Resistance Band Set

Long-loop resistance bands offer various resistance strengths and are a terrific alternative for those who don’t want to spend money on a dumbbell set. They’re ideal for muscle and strength building and have multiple uses. They are also easy to store.

Short Resistance Bands

Better known as booty bands, these resistance bands are great for lower-body workouts and progressions. They provide added resistance to your workout and are easy to store in a small bag. They make lower body and glute workouts more intense but can make pushups much easier until you’ve gained enough strength.

Ab Roller

A great way to work your entire core, the ab roller is perfect for small spaces. It’s easy to put away and offers an intense workout for your upper and lower abs and back.

Step Box

A slight step box makes home workouts more interesting. It is cheaper than a treadmill and lets you get your heart rate up with minimal space. It’s great for aerobics and HIIT classes.


Another cardio workout equipment is the stepper. It allows you to get as many steps as possible and offers enough resistance to make it challenging. It’s a small piece of equipment that can easily fit in a small corner.

Equipment for Half-Garage Home Gym

You can get all the equipment above and some more in a half-garage home gym. Whether you’re using a part of your full garage, the patio, or a room in your house, consider getting the following gym equipment:

Barbell and Plates

With more space, you can set up a weightlifting section of your home gym. A barbell and plates allow you to get your upper body and lower body workout in at home. Just ensure you get a squat rack as well to avoid injury.


A rack of dumbbells is another alternative if you want to build and maintain muscle. They are safer as you can fail a rep by dropping them to the ground with a lower risk of injury. You can also buy heavy and light dumbbells instead of a specific weight range, like with adjustable dumbbell sets.


With more space, you don’t need a folding treadmill. A treadmill for your home gym is perfect if you want to walk or run. You’ll be able to get a regular cardio workout and don’t have to worry about unfolding and plugging it back in.

Stationary Bike

Another great cardio and resistance exercise is cycling. Stationary bikes take up less space than treadmills but still offer an exceptional workout. They’re also easier to maintain.

Boxing Bag

Boxing is the perfect way to get a resistance and cardio workout while working off your frustrations. Consider investing in a boxing bag and gloves for your home gym.

Plyo Box

Plyometric exercises help with endurance, muscle strength, and mobility. A plyo box is larger than a step box. It allows you to perform plyometric and athletic exercises like box jumps, Bulgarian split squats, stepovers, and more.


You can have a fully functioning half-garage home gym with about four small pieces of equipment. Pick something to help you get your cardio in, and one or two for resistance and strength training, plus a mat. Over time, you can add more equipment and soon have a fully-equipped home gym.

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