8 Popular Staircases That Take Your Home Interior to the Next Level


Picking the right type and style of staircase for your home is important for many reasons. It has to be functional, safe, and elegant at the same time. Stairs are often the focal point that brings the entire structure together. You need to find the stairs’ style that complements the theme and design of your interior. Active Metal – Stairs Designer can help you find to figure out the best style that would elevate the vogue of your dream home.

Popular Staircases That Take Your Home Interior to the Next Level

However, if you hit the market without prior knowledge, the vast variety can seem bewildering. It can be overwhelming and can make your choice more difficult than you had thought it would be. Here we briefly describe some popular staircase styles to delegate some information about them and simplify your selection.

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Simple Straight

Straight staircases are the simplest ones that offer no wow factor in terms of design. You can find them in two variants, straight and straight with landing, with the latter comes with a slant. Despite being simple, straight stairs serve their purpose to the fullest. These are ideal for a simple home, especially you are running tight on budget.

Quarter-Turn Stairs

The term quarter refers to the angle at which the staircase turns and not the distance at which it turns the way up. A quarter-turn staircase turns at a 90-degree creating an L-shape and often has a small landing part at the turn. It can add more interest in homes that have a little more space.

Half-Turn Staircase

Half-turn stairs turn at 180-degrees, generally with continuous steps. You can also find designs with landing space on the path. These are pretty interesting and need a significant amount of footprint. You can use this style of stairs to give your home a grand look without spending much on it.

Switchback Style

A switchback staircase turns 180-degrees abruptly with a landing patch in the middle. These staircases save plenty of space by doubling up but that blocks the view of the lower part when you are descending. These are easy to build and require less labor.

Circular Style

This is a grand style that is built in a complex curved form. In the present times, the task is made much simpler using the computer software which makes it a popular choice. These stairs are ideal for tall ceilings and can perfectly blend with the curved silhouette of your interior.

Spiral Stairs

In this design, the steps are attached to a central pillar in a spiral form. It is a wonderful option for a secondary staircase. Some may find it precarious and difficult to ascend and descend. However, it is space-saving and the spiral looks pretty cool.

Curved Style

A curved or winding style staircase is certainly the grandest of them all. It adds a lot of sophistication and oomph to your house and can be a good break from the straight monotony. These are complex to build as the walls it rests against should also be curved which makes it a little more expensive than others.

Bifurcated Staircase

This style splits a staircase in two different directions. It is a luxurious style that is perfect for a splendid and magnificent entrance foyer. These are only suitable for large spaces. You can choose them to be straight or curved based on your interior or preference.