10 Proven Benefits Of After School Programs

Most of the American parents have work shifts during the after school hours of their kids. It is normal to be worried about your children when you are not there to supervise them. Parents rely on care centers for their kids when they are away on their jobs.

The hunt for care centers differs for different age groups. When you are looking for infant daycare centers, you focus on health and hygiene. It is important to focus on the after school activities when the child is of school-going age.

Benefits Of After School Programs

Learning programs and fun activities should be blended well to cater to the mental and physical development needs of children. Look for a reliable After School Care Service Ashburn VA for your children. The benefits have always been a topic of research for many scientists.

Let us look at 10 proven benefits of after school programs.


1. Significant Improvement in Academic Performance

Significant Improvement in Academic Performance

It has been proven that after school programs can significantly improve the academic performance of students. Various studies have been conducted on this important factor. Most of the studies have proven that there is an improvement of up to 40%.

The students attending high quality after school programs have a better grip on subjects such as mathematics. After school care centers have tutors that can give attention to each individual.

It is a win-win situation as your child is in safe hands and is improving the grades at the same time. Make sure the care center is paying due attention to the resting hours.

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2. Improved Study Habits

Improved Study Habits

A child gets to experience an educational environment outside the school. Various fun activities are incorporated in the schedules so children look forward to the incentives. Group study sessions and tutor guidance result in improved study habits.

After school programs are a lot more than pure academics as children get to improve their focus and learning abilities. The self-study habits can go a long way in benefiting the student. It prepares the child for the upcoming years.

3. Boosts Self Esteem

Boosts Self Esteem

When your child will start performing better in school you will see a visible boost in their self-esteem. When they can compete with their peers without lagging, they start believing in themselves. It helps a lot of children in their personal and social life. If you want to provide higher levels of motivation to your child, look for the Best After School Care Ashburn VA.

4. Homework Help

Homework Help

A lot of students struggle with completing their homework assignments. Studying in after school programs help them complete their homework under supervision and guidance. The homework help can play a huge role in boosting their confidence.  Most of the children prefer working on their homework with a tutor. Homework strategies and learning habits learned at this stage can be very helpful in the future.

5. Development of Critical Thinking

Development of Critical Thinking

Do you know that students attending after school programs have better critical thinking skills than others? It may not be true for every child but you can always take your chances. Find the Best After School Care Program Ashburn VA to develop critical thinking habits of your child.

6. Helps Acquire New Skills

Helps Acquire New Skills

Life is all about learning new skills at every stage. A child’s brain is very active and absorptive. They can learn different sets of skills at after school programs. Fun activities with peers can be used to teach them new skills while they are not feeling burdened. The best care centers have specialized tutors who bring on innovative ideas and incorporate years of research with their unique ideas.

7. Better Discipline

Better Discipline

Various studies have found that students attending after school programs lead a more disciplined life. There can be no objective answers to these studies but general trends are searched over years of studies. Look for the available After School Programs Ashburn VA. Compare the facilities provided by each center to make your decision.

8. Social Competence

Benefits Of After School Programs

The emotional intelligence of your child is equally important. Leading a healthy social life is pivotal to emotional health and social competence. Make the best use of after school hours of your child. It is worth your investment.

9. Reduced Drug Use

Reduced Drug Use

A study conducted by the University of Chicago in 2006 found that participation in after school programs are associated with reduced drug use and criminal behavior. When a child is busy in healthy activities there is a reduced chance of negative thoughts coming to their minds.

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10. Good Dietary Habits

Good Dietary Habits

Let your child participate in a reliable after School Care Program Ashburn VA for positive health outcomes. Studies conducted by Mahoney, J., Lord, H., &Carryl in 2005 found that participants were associated with low obesity levels. The benefits cover youth, families, and communities as a whole.

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