3 Reasons an RV is Perfect for a Road Trip in Canada


Canada is an incredibly beautiful country. With its picturesque landscapes and cool weather, it’s no wonder that people are starting to visit more and more often. Regardless of what country you are coming from, one of the best ways to get see Canada, is with an RV. In an RV you get to sleep in the same bed every night and make stops along the way. Plus you get to experience all of Canada’s beautiful landscapes in a way that you would not be able to if you decided to fly. But if you’re not convinced quite yet, here are 3 reasons that an RV is perfect for your next road trip to Canada.

RV Road Trip in Canada

RV Road Trip in Canada
RV Road Trip in Canada

You Can Make the Trip as Long as You Want

Canada is a large country, so if you want to see more than a corner of it, you will have to go the distance.The best part about any RV vacation is the fact that you can make it as long as you want because you don’t have to worry about finding hotels. Whether you want to get there as soon as possible to see family and friends or you want to make a 2-week road trip out of it, having an RV allows you the freedom to create your own schedule. You’ll have a bed, a kitchen, a television, and other entertainment to help the drive seem a little less long.

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You Can Follow the Trans-Canada Highway

The Trans-Canada Highway is the world’s longest highway, stretching out more than 4,800 miles through all 10 provinces. While this may not sound all that exciting at first, the highway makes for one of the coolest road trips you will take in your life. On the eastern side, you might want to stop by Newfoundland and watch whales and stay amongst fjords in Gros Morne National Park.

You can also drive by the world’s highest tides at Fundy National Park before checking out all of the French-influenced art and architecture in Montreal and Quebec City. If you’d rather spend your time outdoors, you might want to head out west to camp alongside Lake Louise and discover all that Banff has to offer before heading into the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Whatever route you choose, you will be travelling in comfort.

Perfect for the Family

If you’re traveling with your family, an RV trip to and through Canada can be an extremely great bonding experience, especially if you’re making a vacation out of it. There’s something about being in a large hotel on wheels that brings everyone together and creates unforgettable memories. If you’re traveling with younger kids, RVs are a great way to keep them entertained. Many have televisions and DVD players on board, so the kids can watch movies and help pass the time. Before they even know it, you’re there. And what’s better than having your kids actually enjoy a road trip without fighting and getting restless? And when you get to each stop, you can build a campfire and cook s’mores under the stars near the lake.

Taking long road trips can be extremely daunting but having an RV allows you to customize your trip and route and experience the outdoors. With so much beautiful landscape in Canada, it only makes sense to rent an RV for your next road trip. You can spend some time in the world-famous Rocky Mountains and then arrive on the West Coast, in time to surf with some sea life before supper. Or you can take a few weeks to do the coast to coast tour and sample every flavor. Whatever route you take on your road trip in Canada, you will find it cozy and adventurous if you travel in an RV.