Sure-Shot Way to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

Messages might serve as one of the most important and sought-after applications of all smartphone users operating on Android or iOS platform. Whether you are engaging in a casual chat with friends over the latest soccer game or exchanging some highly-important messages, all iPhone users will unanimously agree on the level of importance messages hold for them. Then there is audio, photos, video, voice memo and other attached data files which come embedded in the messages for being used in the upcoming future.

Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone
Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

Situations are not rare when we end up losing these messages in spite of their sublime importance in our lives. The options might be numerous ranging from device upgrade to mistaken deletion, jailbreak, iTunes or iCloud restore, and many more. But before you jump out of the wagon, we would like to inform you about the probable recovery options which can be exercised by the holders of an Apple gadget. You can recover deleted messages from your iPhone by choosing any one of the options amongst iTunes, iCloud or a third-party application. Today, we will discuss in brief each one of them so that you can restore your iPhone messages whenever the requirement arises.

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  • Login to come along with your Apple ID and password credentials.
  • Click on the Text Message option. If it is not activated, then your messages have not been backed up till now.
  • Search for the messages which you need to back up.
  • Choose settings and iCloud from your Apple smartphone.
  • Turn off text messages.
  • Select, ‘Keep on My iPhone’ option from the displayed pop-up.
  • Turn back on the text messages and tap on ‘Merge’ before waiting for some time.
  • On the passage of a few minutes, the deleted text messages will appear once again in your iPhone

You can also opt for an iCloud backup if you have the same from before the time the text messages were deleted. For doing the same you need to follow the steps of going through Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. By following the steps mentioned above you can restore the factory settings of your smartphone coupled with iCloud backup. The last successful iCloud backup date or time is available underneath the “Back Up Now” button.


If the iCloud does not work, you can try and recover the deleted text messages through iTunes backup. You are bound to have a backup created every time your iPhone is synced with your Mac or PC if you do not disable the automatic sync option in iTunes. You need to follow the steps mentioned below for getting the same done:

  • Connect your iPhone with the PC where you wish to sync all the data.
  • This will automatically open iTunes and in case if it doesn’t, then you need to do the same manually.
  • You need to select your iPhone once the same appears on your computer screen.
  • Next, choose the “restore backup” option. On doing this, all the data which was backed up previously will replace your smartphone data within a couple of minutes. These messages are bound to appear on your phone if you haven’t backed up the device subsequent to its deletion.

Third-Party App

Lastly, you might be required to go nuclear if neither of the above options works out in your favor. A large number of third-party applications such as Enigma Recovery, PhoneRescue by iMobie, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, iMyFone D-Back Data Recovery and WonderShare Dr.Fone can serve your purpose in such cases.

The deleted messages remain in your handset unless they are overwritten and now we will take a brief look at how you can recover the same using PhoneRescue. With more than 5700,000 satisfied Android and iOS users in its database, this dynamic app has been safeguarding users from all probabilities of data loss by making it just a temporary phenomenon. Recovering about 31 different types of data and files, PhoneRescue is providing multiple solutions to cater to the diverse requirements of users.

Data recovery becomes extremely easy to comprehend coupled with its straightforward workflow, intuitive UI, and step-by-step wizard. PhoneRescue does not demand any tech knowledge for its application making it well suited for being used by both experienced ones as well as amateurs. Applying the best of technology, PhoneRescue brings the best of technological advancements in accumulating stellar dynamics pertaining to instant preview, fastest scan, and lighting recovery. It’s No-Data-Loss technology aids in finding every piece of lost data before retrieving them back in a secured fashion.

Whenever a message gets deleted from the iPhone, the same actually stays hidden in the system after being technically marked with deletion. Thus, as long as the “deletion” mark is removed by finding those hidden messages, you can make the invisible messages visible once again for being accessed through your iPhone and this is exactly the technique which is followed in each of the above-mentioned cases.