Revising The History Of Mecca and Medina

While we talk about the history of Islam there are many traits which could be found all around the world which are a significant part of Islamic history. From east to west there are specific buildings and their significance defines the significance of Islamic history but the most important part of Islamic history is the formation of Mecca and Medina. This foundation and then formation has textured all the history of Islam that is the reason why these both cities have a strong measure of importance in the Islamic history.

History Of Mecca and Medina
History Of Mecca and Medina

Now, let’s observe how the formation of these cities verifies the formation of Islam as well because all the history is interlinked with one another and the scenarios are also entangled, I order to grab that we need to first analyze the history of Islam from the beginning.

Holy City of Mecca

Mecca is the holy city where Ka’aba is present, in Arabic the pronunciation of this city is Makkah, also called Bakkah his city is present in the Hejaz region, few kilometers away from the Red Sea.

Always The Sacred One

This city is reported to be the most sacred city for Arabs from the beginning, the point where Ka’aba is right now was constructed similarly by Prophet Adam and then  Ibrahim and Ismael. It’s been noted by a Greek Historian, Diodorus Siculus that a temple was there at the place of Ka’aba and this temple was considered as a holy place for all the Arabs from the beginning.

Around 5th and 6th century A.D

Mecca at this time was the spot of Arabian Pageant tribe’s deities, it is said by the historians that there were different images for different days of the year and more than 350 statues to worship differently on different days of the year.

Birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Well from birth in 570 A.D till 610 A.D Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the part of Hashimite (Hashimiyah) of the Quraisy Tribe. Then the Revelations from Allah started to come for Prophet PBUH and this was a time which changes the life of Arabs and the structure of Mecca as well. When Muhammad’s true lesson was not accepted by the people of Mecca, Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions left Mecca for Yathrib and didn’t return for 13 years.

Mecca and Medina

While the Prophet of Allah and his companions were in Medina the pageant of Mecca still disturbed them with the wars. Their efforts went in vain and wasted when there was no reply from Prophet and His followers. In 628 AD Muhammad PBUH returned to Mecca and then he dedicated Ka’aba for the worship of Allah and the land of Mecca was purified from the darkness by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Since then this city was declared the most sacred and holy city in the world of Islam.

In Medina, the Prophet of Allah is resting in peace as this place is known as the city of Muhammad PBUH as he himself called Medina as his home.

Rule of the Ottoman Empire and Saudi Arabia

From the 1500s the city of Mecca was under the rule of Ottoman Empire Caliphate, this city was never given the title of central city but it has the most important position all over the world and in all the reigns. The modernization of this city was kept in mind and it was improvised with the time by the Caliphate of Ottoman and then Saudi Arabia as well when the Sharif was overthrown by the Saud Family in the battle of Mecca held in 1924.

History Medina- City of Prophet PBUH

The most dignifying fact about Medina is that it still holds the shrine of Muhammad PBUH and most of his companions and wives. The religious importance if Medina was recognized in 622 AD when Muhammad PBUH entered this city and called it home. The site of Medina holds immense importance altogether there are many places in this city which makes it one of the most important cities for Islam after Mecca.

Masjid e Qiblatain

This is the place where the revelation came from Allah to Muhammad PBUH by the messenger of Allah Jibrail. In this revelation, the direction of offering a prayer was changed and at that time the duality of direction names it Masjid Qiblatain.


There were many battles which are reported in the history after Muhammad PBUH migrated to Medina from Mecca. These battles that were fought by Muhammad PBUH and his companions to withhold Islam’s sovereignty and to safeguard the Muslims’ Survival include the battle of Uhud, the Battle of Badr and the Battle of the Trench, battles.

Masjid Nabwi

This is the spot where Prophet Muhammad PBUH is resting in peace among his companions and then Jannat ul Baki is the graveyard where most important personalities after Muhammad PBUH are resting in peace as well. So this place holds the major significance for the Muslims. During Hajj and Umrah, people visit these places and purify themselves.

After Effects of Development

As the modernization took place under the government of Saudi Arabia, there were many things which got amend according to the demands of the modern time. The Hajj and Umrah events demanded the proper planning and the security system so that everything could be preserved and remained as it is after this event.s That is the reason why many things were demolished and groomed into modern one by the government of Saudi Arabia. This amendment is not favored by most of the Muslim countries but according to the government of the time, this was the need and the requirement for offering safety to the important spots and preserving the important areas.

Now almost 2 billion pilgrims are hosted by Saudi Arabia in the month of Zilhaj who gathered to perform their sacred duty of Hajj towards Islam. Overall millions of Muslims travel throughout the year for performing Umrah as well!