Setup Personal WiFi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro – Wireless WiFi


You should know how to setup personal wifi hotspot on Samsung galaxy C9 pro. As a result, you will get the advantage of your smartphone. Also, I will show you how you can be benefited. A secure wireless internet connection is a part of the Android smartphone.  If you can setup celery, you can use the internet of one device to another device securely.

Such as your smartphone to any PC that already supported wireless Wi-Fi hotspot. If your smartphone shows the internet connection problems, you can use wireless wifi systems so that you can use the internet as a wireless connection from anywhere or any device. The wireless system has provided several connections for the user. Basically, most of the Android smartphone has been using wireless wifi hotspot systems. Now, you have to know for your Samsung galaxy C9 Pro Android smartphone.

Root Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
Root Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Setup Personal WiFi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Most of the Android smartphone user has been failed to connect wifi hotshot from others device. Actually, if you are an intelligent person then you can set up between the devices so that the connection would be established successfully. Although, I will show you that if the smartphone shows various problems on the time of setup wifi hotspot then what you have to do? If you won’t get access to use the internet, you should troubleshoot the smartphone then try again. I hope, you will be a success.

First, troubleshoot

You can setup the Samsung galaxy c9 pro device again as like a new Android smartphone. It’s will remove a lot of smartphone virus, smartphone hanging problems, restricted apps, apps case and more. So hard reset is a helpful way for your Samsung galaxy C9 pro. If you want to use the smartphone frankly then after two or three months, you should hard reset the smartphone.

Second Troubleshoot

For various reason, your smartphone activated problems may be deceived so that you can’t use that feature further. Only root can active your deceived program. Actually, the troubleshooting method is optional for you. If you want, you can visit these link to know how to make root and how to make hard reset for Samsung galaxy C9 pro.

Come back our current topic about setup personal wifi hotspot on Samsung galaxy C9 pro. Now you just follow the method step by steps so that you can establish the wireless wifi hotspot network connection easily.

Setup Tethering Personal Wifi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

  • Take a Samsung Galaxy C9 smartphone device and go to Apps option
  • Find setting option and tap on it, if the Wi-Fi turn is on then off it
  • Now you will see Connection, My device, Accounts and More option
  • So you have to tap on the connection option
  • Go to more Setting Option of  connection
  • Now you will see “Tethering & portable hotspot” then tap on it
  • Tap on WiFi hotspot option (don’t need to turn on now)
  • Click on Set up Wi-Fi hotspot of Samsung galaxy C9 pro
  • Type the network SSID name, actually, it’s your hotspot connection name
  • Come on security option, there have three option and first is None, WPA PSK, WPA2 PSK
Setup Personal WiFi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
Setup Personal WiFi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
  • If you do just for work then tap on None and None is not security protected
  • If you want to keep security then tap on WPA2 PSK option
  • Now you can be setting the maximum connection of your wireless wifi hotspot
  • You can set up to 8 user connection of your Samsung Galaxy c9 pro
  • After all, tap on save option
  • Now the setup process has been finished of Samsung galaxy C9 Pro

Turn on and get Internet Access

  • Take another device and find the available wireless wifi network
  • Turn on your WiFi systems
  • Tap on the available network (SSID network name is your available wifi network)
  • If the security protected then tap security and connect
  • If the none security then tap only connect option

If your smartphone connected with a targeted wifi network that you had been established before, you can get internet access clearly. On the other hand, if you will not succeed to make this, you can know us via comment option. Try to show your problems so that we will try to help you. We want to keep every smartphone user happiness with their favorite Android smartphone.