5 Signs You Need New Glasses


Are you getting headaches? Do you find yourself having to squint to read? If you wear glasses, these are some of the signs you need new glasses. If you wear glasses, you know that your glasses don’t last forever. On average, your prescription glasses are good for a year. You may need to get a prescription change if you’re experiencing issues with your vision.

Signs You Need New Glasses

5 Signs You Need New Glasses

Be familiar with the signs that show you it’s time for a new prescription. This guide lists 5 signs you need new glasses.

1. Getting Frequent Headaches

One of the first signs that you need new glasses is frequent headaches. One of the reasons why you may be getting so many headaches is because your prescription is old. If this is the case, your brain is trying to correct the problem. Because it overworks itself to help you see better, you get a headache.

Another possibility is that your frames are causing discomfort. The frames may not be a good fit for your head. The solution to this is to get new glasses.

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2. Blurry Vision

Blurry vision occurs when you experience a sudden blur of vision. You may also find that issue comes with a loss of focus. Blurry vision is a problem you may experience in one or both eyes. A significant change in vision can be the cause of this problem.

A new pair of glasses can improve your vision by giving your more clarity. Persons over the age of 40 may progressive lenses added to their glasses to sharpen the focus.

3. Seeing Double

Are you seeing two images of an object? You may have double vision. Your eye doctor can tell you what the cause of your double vision is. It’s good to get checked out because this can also be a sign of a bigger problem.

Still, you’ll need new glasses if you are suffering from double vision. To correct the problem, your eye doctor may order your new glasses to have more prismatic power.

4. Frequent Squinting

If you need to get closer to the computer screen and still must squint to read the text, you may need to get new glasses. It’s not fun having to close one eye so you can see better with the other eye. Yes, this can help to get better vision, but this is a temporary solution. The better solution is to get new glasses.

5. Old Glasses

When was the last time you got new glasses? Old glasses are a major reason why many people experience issues with their vision. Your old glasses may have scratches on them or some other type of damage. This can make your vision appear blurry. It can also prevent you from having a clear vision.

If you notice any of these signs and want to buy new glasses, you can do it online. Buying online eyeglasses is now easier than ever.

Signs You Need New Glasses

It’s normal for prescriptions to change over time. This guide contains some of the signs you need new glasses. Don’t hesitate to get new glasses if you are experiencing any of these issues. Want to read more interesting articles? Explore the rest of our blog for more great reads.