6 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Seo Strategy

Most businesses are aware of SEO but do not realize that they need it too. A major leap towards the success of your digital marketing strategy and increasing revenue is to identify the need for professional SEO.

Although many companies prefer to manage SEO in-house, it is important to invest in professional expertise for the best outcomes. Abstract Digital, one of the leading digital marketing service providers, suggests the following red flags that indicate lacunas in your SEO.

Signs you need to upgrade your SEO strategy

You can use these signs to evaluate your SEO strategy and measure the need to seek professional help to optimize ranking and conversions.

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1. Your Page Doesn’t Appear Anywhere On Google

Try typing the exact title of your post or webpage in Google search. If you do not see your page anywhere in the result, you certainly have a problem that needs immediate attention. There can be two reasons, leading to this issue. First, Google has blocked your website, and second, your website has poor quality content. An SEO expert can help you improve your content quality and make your website legit for the search engine.

2. You Can’t Make Conversions Despite Having Rankings

If you can make it to the first page of the search engine results, you can celebrate it as a bog win. However, despite this high ranking, you may not able to get returns in the form of conversions. This indicates that either your content is irrelevant or there are no proper conversion options on your page. Effective SEO can help you fix these problems and get a handsome ROI.

3. You Are Unsure Of Your Keyword Selection

Keywords are the core of every SEO strategy. Most often businesses use guesswork to select the keywords. While doing so, you are very likely to use unproductive or oversaturated keywords that do not promise any value. You can also miss longtail keywords that can mean the success or failure of your marketing efforts. You must consult an SEO expert to ensure your keywords are relevant and deliver value to your business.

4. You Have A Bleak Directory Ranking

Several websites such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc, that are not search engines are increasingly used for searches these days. People use these websites to find the best services in their vicinity and also look for the recommendations their friends have made. If you have incompetent reviews or ranking on such directories, you must consult an SEO expert to optimize your local SEO marketing.

5. You Do Not Have Enough Pages Linking Back To Your Website

Backlinks to your website from high-authority websites are crucial in determining your position in SERP. It is one of the most powerful criteria search engine algorithms used to rank pages in the result. It is also a vital part of SEO strategy that is often overlooked by in-house teams. If you do not have any or enough backlinks, you need help from a professional SEO expert to increase this number for your website.

6. Your Pages Are Going Online With No Tagging

Most people are unaware of the importance of tagging your content. Wisely chosen title, header, and meta tags can make a huge difference in the outcomes you get from your content. These inevitable tags indicate the search algorithms about the relevance of your content for the search. Upgrade your SEO to find the best-suited tags for every content piece to ensure its performance.

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