Smart Ways to Protect Your Phone’s LCD


Are you one of those individuals who constantly drop your smartphone and results with a broken LCD? Does your cell yell for screen replacement much frequently? If yes, then it is time to consider all the mobile solutions offered to help you have an enhanced option of not crushing or cracking your LCD. Almost 5 years before, dropping your cell and breaking its LCD was the most important worry for numerous individuals. The resilience of mobiles has significantly enhanced now, but despite everything, you shouldn’t be uncaring. Whether you have an AMOLED or IPS display you need protection. Nothing is complete, so there may be an exceptional case that your phone actually does get cracked even with all protections. If you need to avoid scratches or be in the harmless zone, here are some guidelines on how to care for the LCD of your handset device.

Ways to Protect Your Phone’s screen

Ways to Protect Your Phone's screen

Go for bumper Case

When your handset gets fallen, you need something to safeguard the LCD for a bumpy touchdown. An extra-large case is much needed that secures the ends of your smartphone with dense edges or borders to support in absorbing the shock of the fall. They’re present in almost all retail stores, cell phone repair stores, and gas stations.

Choose Screen Protectors wisely

Relying on the sum of money you need to use and your own inclination, you can select from 2 kinds of screen protectors. Tempered glass and plastic screen protectors are offered for every iPhone and smartphone online and in the market. They are the inexpensive and easiest way to keep your handset safe from cracking. It adds an additional coating of safety to the screen glass to support absorbing the shock when it drops; in addition, they lessen dirt and scratches.

Basic Screen Protection: Plastic Screen Protectors

The low-priced and most favored choice for numerous individuals is plastic screen protectors. They’re light in weight, not much visible and easy to put on. But, they give minimum safety. The 2 types you had mostly found online are PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or TPU (Thermoplastic Polyreuthane).

PET protectors are durable and mostly not right for handsets with curved LCD, but they’re applied easily.  In contrast, TPUs are very much flexible, but need extra struggle to put on and may give your phone’s screen a yellowish shade. Bubbles inside the TPU and the LCD are also expected to be seen.

Upgraded Screen Protection: Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered glass protectors are a stage beyond plastic. They’re very much durable and safeguard not only from scratches but fall damage also. But, a tempered glass protector does not fit on every phone unlike plastic screen protectors – so you have to be cautious to buy one that is exactly made for your handset.

Recently the cost of these protectors has also considerably dropped- you can have consistent ones for not more than $10. More costly kinds with anti-UV layers, a matte finish, and other exciting choices are also offered. They are perhaps the finest option for careless users.


Though there is no flawless way to have your handset screen completely safe from cracking or breaking, there’re solutions offered to seriously avoid the most of drops from being damaging to your cell. The experts suggest investing in a heavy-duty bumper case and tempered glass screen protectors for the best mobile safety.