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‘Stranger Danger’ in The Online and Real-World

The label “Stranger danger” is prevailing reality; however, it emerges with some new dimensions present in both flesh, whether online or in the real world. It is a weird notion, the society where we live is full of strangers, on every first day, we meet strangers if we see a grocery shopkeeper, any person walks past us on our way or cab driver, etc.

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

Nowadays, online stranger danger is getting real and growing- due to more immersing life online exposure to strangers through chatting has increased drastically. In most of the cases, people are harmed by the people they know.

There are some pretty horrific deed done in by strangers,

1. Cyber abuse

These acquaintances happen both in real life and online; these are often related to sensitive issues like bullying, stalking by strangers, sexually explicit images or videos, theft of personal identity, and more. These are common forums reported by children or youth, which is described as denying or avoiding the person. As many of the strangers serve us online, connecting on a positive note, motive, or encouraging us, who share a common interest, however, the real explanation is uncertain by each individual. The stalking began through casual interaction with seeming friendly, but after a few texts, there is confided to demanding personal information; if someone says no, ultimately, it causes cybercrime.

2. Extent online interaction and relationships

Predator lies in the boundary of online, with no disclosure of profile and information. In today’s scenario, online connectivity is getting bigger and bigger by extensive involvement or engagement with social networking to maintain friendship & close relationships. People strongly consider the relationships developed online as a real-life relationship.

Stranger Danger

Without thinking for any causes, people described their meetings with strangers as legitimate and labeled them as good friends. An intense reported crime done by a stranger or faking known person as a stranger, due to higher involvement of an individual even not thinking about another person’s intentions.

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3. Scams of money

The most significant danger comes in the form of strangers using your information against you in scamming your money, whether in your knowledge or not. Many fraudsters register their name under Fame Company to gain access to your information. Many people considered illiterate usually provide their personal debit card information, or many people in admiration of gaining prizes, which leads to the rise of losing all money. Sometimes, in a real sense, these kinds of frauds are taken by familiar people, like friends, one of the family members, and a loved one to meet the need and greed.

4. Preying on victims

Before the Internet or even now, stranger danger comes with strangers physically preying on victims by offering candies to kids, knocking on the door, and surprisingly offering lift requirements in the middle of nowhere. These strangers are strange to us when we meet, but many reports are registered in a particular person’s unwanted appearance just for robbing or sometimes for personal motive. Ultimately the questions came, how exactly one can handle these types of encounters? How do people have to be so secure in their interactions to stay connected? Because cutting off access to the world is not a solution to Stranger danger, all need to understand others’ recognizing pattern behaviors and be aware of the indications that someone doesn’t have the right intention at heart. So, here are some ways-

5. Understand predatory behaviors

The stranger as predators are brilliant and foxy in their dealings with peoples, and it’s far hard to recognize or see the signs and moves because in online predators paintings are hard to win the trust of their sufferers, and they can probably be people who are unknown or people they already know.

Indeed, they use patterns to pick out their victims like focusing on constructing confidence, reaching out for friendship, offering presents, or promising rewards, or sometimes we only deliver the chance to make the precise move they wanted.

So, it’s necessary to understand each stranger’s behaviors before permitting them to harm you; if they get the opportunity, there comes blackmailing and make you believe that they have something in opposition to you, your pals, and family.

6. Grooming skills to respond

One of the alerting factors about a stranger’s sinister motives, when there may be repeated questions that appear to be forgetting personal information when it isn’t even required.

Such as,

  • Where do you live?
  • Do you desire to meet in actual appearance?
  • Do you want to exchange your number?
  • Send me your pic?
  • How old are you?

Knowing how and in which form you respond to these questions is an ability to be groomed. It isn’t usually that predators request these questions; however, it could range in different forms that may be put in forward. These grooming strategies mount the proper scenario and give us the actual words to respond to the unknown.

7. Limited contact with strangers

In the beginning, our loved ones say don’t talk to strangers unwantedly, primarily online. But we can’t cut all the strangers from our life; it’s essential that we know how to connect with them.

Sometimes we need to understand the limited access to involve a stranger into our life, online consider unfriend strangers who don’t play any role in your activities, find out the person who looks questionable in your list and don’t let anybody follow you on Instagram.

It is advisable to research for particular causes before letting them effect. Because we, most of the time, get requests that look strange, so accept it to increase your followers.

Therefore, stranger danger, whether in the real or online world, is something to worry about by all, need to take precautions every situation, staying aware, and most probably communicating for support- this will help you with ease and give you a chance to grow, learn, safety and fun while experiencing all.

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