7 Summer Enrichment Programs to Consider for Your Kids

When the weather is slowly getting unbearably hot, it’s an indication that summer is fast approaching. Along with this, children will once again be free from their school priorities. Most assuredly, they all have trips to the beach and other fun destinations in mind. Other than those, they are also looking forward to waking up late and being free to just be idle at home or outdoors.

However, such summer anticipations can quickly grow stale. For some children, two weeks of doing all those things are more than enough free time. Therefore, beyond this period, they start feeling restless and bored and go looking for a routine that is somewhat similar to what school offers. They wish to meet new people, as well as discover or explore new things. And they wouldn’t even mind being under the instruction of people who have established experts of a particular area of study, or a master of skills, again.

Summer Enrichment Programs for Your Kids

Summer Enrichment Programs

For parents, this is something to take great advantage of. Do away with frequent complaints from the little ones of having nothing to do and sign them up for programs this summer that are designed to enrich their knowledge and even equip them with skills that they can use for life or secure their advantage in the future. Rounded up below are seven great summer enrichment programs to consider.

1. Robotics Classes

This is quite a popular program for grade-schoolers and middle schoolers who have a great interest in this branch of engineering. They’ll learn not just the fundamentals of putting a machine together and making it work, but they will likewise be taught to design machines that will perform a task they have in mind.

There are robotics programs that make use of Legos to make the class even more engaging for kids. Look into these if your children are fascinated with STEM learning.

2. Special Math Classes

While learning math over the summer may not exactly seem like fun for a lot of young people, the math classes for kids provided by special tutorial centers and learning academies offer something different and engaging. There are many platforms online these days like teach to one that can help lean maths in an engaging way.

Through these classes (many of which are offered online), young learners can get a better grasp of different math lessons, especially those that they struggle within the school. Instructors design the program in a way that children will not only understand lessons faster but also learn to apply them in real-life situations.

For young grade-schoolers studying basic math, it’s crucial that they do not just learn concepts but also the various aspects of life wherein there’s an application of addition and subtraction. This way, they’ll come to think of math as not just a subject in school that they have to get a good grade at, but a valuable life skill.

3. River School

River School is a lot like summer camp for young people. It involves nature studies and all kinds of fun river activities. Kids can learn a few survival skills and grow an appreciation for the gift of nature.

What a lot of parents particularly appreciate about this program is that it takes the young ones back to the basics. River School teaches them that fun can be had even without technology, as well as the importance of being resourceful. Plus, the kids get a lot of sun and meet new friends, many of whom they can keep for the rest of their lives.

4. Sports Camp

One thing’s true for healthy children: They have a tremendous amount of energy, which is one of the reasons why they quickly get bored with the usual TV-watching and playing with their mobile devices at home. To harness their energy in a positive way, direct their focus elsewhere by signing them up for kids’ sports camp.

For the summer, some of the best sports to learn not only to expend young ones’ energy but also to manage the discomfort of the sweltering season are bowling, swimming, and ice skating. Of course, there are other sports to learn as well, such as soccer, tennis, badminton, and basketball.

5. Music Lessons

Music lessons are commonly offered to kids all year round, but if you have not enrolled your children in any, use their summer vacation to develop their musical skills. They can study singing and playing different kinds of instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, drums, and others.

Learning music has long proven to provide children with advantages in life. Studies reveal that music lessons for kids can cultivate discipline and other high-standard values. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for them to strengthen their imagination and creativity, build their confidence, and boost their memory. All of these are advantages that will serve them in various aspects of living throughout their lifetime.

6. Dance Classes

These are ideal if your children love to move their bodies around. There are different kinds of dance classes designed for young learners; all you have to do is help your children pick one (or two) to their liking.

Some of the dance classes available are classes for cultural dances, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, river dance, ballroom dancing, Latin dances, and breakdancing. Kids’ dance classes are quite fun, and they typically culminate in a well-prepared recital that family and friends can attend.

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7. Art Classes

Art classes are also ideal for the little ones, and they come in different specializations. There are art classes focused on drawing, painting, sculpting, and even unique ones such as origami (the Japanese art of folding paper) and ikebana (the Japanese art of arranging flowers).

You can have the little ones choose the art classes they like. One side benefit of enrolling them in art classes is that they get to work on projects that can also require time beyond class hours. The kids will undoubtedly be kept quite busy during the summer.

Those are just a few examples of programs to consider if you want your children to have a fruitful summer vacation. The lovely thing about these classes or programs is that many of them are offered online. Therefore, if engaging in social activities outside is not possible at the moment, there are classes that they can take and enjoy right in the comfort of your own home.