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As a male, our duty as described by society for a thousand years has been to take care of and provide for the family, be the hunter-gatherer and come home sweating with a kill slung over the shoulder. While the hunting part has somewhat become less prominent, being a man part is still very much evident.

Whether you are a family father figure on the rat race of a 9 to 5 workweek, or a traveling businessman taking meetings all over the country, there are components of being a man we can’t live without. What am I talking about? The biochemical compound that makes them up, testosterone.

So what is testosterone, why is it so important and what does it do? Well for starters it aids in the development of the male tissues and genital organs, these, of course, are used for reproduction and sexual characteristics. For all the info you’re looking for, be sure to visit have all your questions answered.

So is it vital that men, and women but not in such large quantities, need this hormone? The simple answer is, yes. Its function is to promote muscle growth and muscle development and when used as a physical enhancer in sports like weightlifting or bodybuilding, to increase muscle mass and size.

5 Benefits of Increasing Testosterone

Benefits of Increasing Testosterone

  • A lovely heart. The red blood cells in the body are responsible for transporting the oxygen around and to the different organs. These cells are moved around by a healthy flow of blood which is being pumped by the heart. The testosterone, through the aid of the bone marrow, helps in the reproduction of red blood cells.
  • More muscle, less fat. I mean is this not everyone’s dream of the perfect body? When you are increasing in muscle size, the body is working harder, especially in combination with a heavy training program, and this increases the metabolism which burns fatter.
  • Bone strength. As these hormone levels drop in men as they age, so does their bone density, this can lead to problems such as osteoporosis or weak bones. When they become weak they can no longer support the organs and muscles in the body.
  • Mood and libido. 2 of my favorite traits in my husband, am I right ladies? Ha. But on a more serious note, younger men naturally have more sexual drive and activity and this lowers each year as they get older. Keeping it up will not only give you a workout but at the end of it, we are all in a great mood. No chance of fatigue or depression here thank you.
  • As much as research shows that higher levels prevent the early onset of Alzheimer’s, and can significantly increase memory with an improvement in thinking abilities, my hubby continually claims to not remember anything I tell him? I might have to show him some of my research it looks like…

An interesting video I came across was this of an avid steroid user, having used them for many years, revealing the results, check out this link and see how he faired, how it’s affected his body and the benefits as well as negatives he gained from using it.

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Having Testosterone Therapy administered

If you are one of the demographic of men who have naturally low levels of this hormone, fear not, you are not alone, you aren’t the first and won’t be the last, but what you can be is someone who handles it like a man and gets it sorted.

Having injections is not for everyone, especially me I can’t handle them, and just the look of the needle freaks me out. This method does, however, increase your libido and hormone levels unquestionably and efficiently, the downside though is that with every high comes a low and this might be one negative that some aren’t comfortable with.

Then thankfully for those squeamish people like myself, they have what’s known as transdermal patches. It’s a hormone patch used to add testosterone into the body over a longer period and with no scary needle stab.

This sounds fab and less invasive for sure, but many tests have shown that users had found to get skin irritations with continuous use. While not a major factor for most, it can be off-putting.

I’ve even found men have discontinued the use of the patches because they didn’t like the way that it looked? I think maybe they didn’t want people to know they were low on man hormone, but this is just a thought. Of course, if both of those options don’t appeal to you there are gels and creams you could look into.

Just be sure that you have looked into this subject extensively before diving in, and if you have, may your sex drive be that of a Ferrari. Yes, please.

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