The Benefits of Dental Implants


If using dental implants has ever crossed your mind, and you still haven’t done one, the chances are that you still have many questions about it. Is it the right thing for you? Can it do more damage to your gums? Well, those are just some of the fears that most candidates have to deal with.

That is why we recommend visiting a reputable Cosmetic Dentist Essex to determine whether you are an eligible candidate or not. In other words, you cannot assess yourself unless you are also a dental implant surgeon. Moreover, there are many practitioners around the globe as implants are gaining popularity mainstream. Therefore, it shouldn’t present a challenge getting the best cosmetic clinic that price within your preferred range.

However, you must note that the implant’s success will only be guaranteed if you deal with a professional individual who is board-certified, educated, and empathetic when handling your case. You’ll only open up about your dental problems to someone you feel comfortable around or show the interest and enthusiasm to help get your perfect smile back. You might also want to consider if you’re going to deal with a male or female doctor.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

The Benefits of Dental Implants

So, what are the benefits of dental implants? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

1. Dental implants replicate natural tooth

A dental implant, just like the name entails mimics the whole tooth structure in every way to assume natural shape, color, and function. The doctor will snugly insert a titanium root into the jaw bone and use it to support a crown-like structure. Titanium is used because it is strong, inert, and resistant to corrosion and abrasiveness. Titanium forms titanium dioxide to prevent chemicals and water from penetrating it.

Therefore, once an implant is fitted in its prosthetic form, no one will tell the difference between the implanted dental and the real teeth, unless you disclose it. It is also important to note that you’ll not be forced to adapt to new chewing mechanisms or restorations because the implant’s stability is guaranteed. Just in case you wonder why most dentists vouch for implants instead of partial dentures, that is why.

2. Prevent bone loss

Once you start losing your teeth, your next worry and concern should be about preventing further bone loss, which other remedies to teeth loss cannot guarantee. On the other hand, dental implants assume real roots (titanium-based), which encourage the ossification of the jaw bone to hold it together to stop and prevent further loss. The best thing about it is that implants can also stimulate the growth and formation of new jaw bone structures if the loss is severe and seems irreplaceable. Don’t lose hope with jaw bone solutions before visiting a dentistry surgeon for analysis and evaluation.

Preventing and stopping bone loss comes in handy in maintain that perfect morphology and slow down the aging appearance around the mouth region. In other words, dental implants can help you preserve your facial appearance and maintain that self-confidence.

3. Cost-effective and reliable

Many people say that dental implants are costly, but forget to look at the lifetime cost and relief they bring to the table compared to other teeth-loss solutions. Anecdotal accounts of successful dental implant candidates indicate that a regular implant can take up to 15-20 years, whereas some people spend even a lifetime without considering a replacement. In other words, once your implants are fit, and you are healed, you can now concentrate on normalcy without further dental problems.

4. Doesn’t limit you from normal life

The best advantage that implants have over other solutions is that they are permanent and doesn’t interrupt your life in any way, unless during healing. Successful candidates indicate that neither their ability to chew nor speech was affected by the procedure, and they can now lead a normal lifestyle without hiccups. Nothing beats the feeling of a normal life after an accident or after a significant teeth loss.

Moreover, implants are permanent and will not limit whatever you consume, unlike dentures which restricts you to particular diets. You can even eat crunchy fruits and vegetables without experiencing slipping or pain.

5. Easy to heal with predictable outcomes

We recommend that you only deal with certified dental surgeons because dental implants require careful analysis and evaluation to predict the outcome perfectly. That includes examining the size of the jaw bone to determine whether it can fully support the jawbones or not. Research indicates that 98% of dental implants end up successful with correct predictions about healing time. However, during healing times, you can be limited from some of your habits, such as smoking. In fact, smoking habit is a factor that is considered to determine whether you are the right candidate or not.

6. Prevent facial sagging and premature aging

Do you know that missing teeth can significantly contribute to facial sagging and premature aging? Well, that happens when significant teeth loss also triggers one loss. When the jaw bone is eroded, it causes the lower part of the face to collapse, gradually increasing the distance between the tip of the nose and the chin. Wrinkles might also start forming on the upper part of the face as a result of that sagging.

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7. Stabilize the adjacent teeth

Lastly, you might also consider having a dental implant because it stabilizes the teeth around the implant region. That way, you can prevent further teeth loss or get rid of crooked teeth spaces. Dental implants work by also pulling other teeth towards the gaps that they tend to create. Remember, gaps can be so frustrating, especially if you have to avoid foods when it hurts or can’t pronounce words perfectly. Gaps can also greatly interfere with your ability to chew or appearance. Moreover, experts warn that poor chewing and biting habits due to teeth gaps can lead to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues prevalent through pain and headaches.

There you have all the reasons to finally get that dental implant that you’ve been longing for. It is important to highlight that dental implants are far much superior and way better than dentures since they’ll serve you for the longest lifespan without falling or slipping. Make the right choice today, and you’ll never regret it!