The Best Time to Visit Florida: An Informative Guide

You might want to hit the beaches or paddle on a lake. You might want to eat great food, see beautiful art, or go to an amusement park. Whatever you want to do, Florida provides for you. 116.5 million people visited Florida in 2017. Visitors came all year round, going to Florida’s many attractions, even when the weather wasn’t good.

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The Best Time to Visit Florida: An Informative Guide

Despite what Florida has to offer, many people wonder about the best time to visit Florida. They assume that Florida only has beaches, so they schedule their Florida vacation for the summer. You can do that, but the summer may not be the best time to visit. Don’t worry. Here is a quick guide on scheduling your perfect Florida trip.

The Beaches

Ideal beach weather is dry and sunny. Most people assume that Florida is driest in the summer, but that isn’t always the case. Thunderstorms roll in throughout the summertime. Western Florida has had thunderstorms across more than 100 days, most of them occurring from June to September. The northeastern tip of Florida has the least thunderstorm days, but they still total over 60.

Your best bet is to go to the beaches outside of the summertime. Winters can be cold, but you can find mild temperatures and low rain during the spring and fall. April is when the heat kicks in, and November is when the temperatures turn down. They are not peak months, so you will have the beach all to yourself.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of things you can do on Florida beaches. You can take the Ultimate Helitours Pigeon Key tour or a boat ride, exploring the beach from the air and water.

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Orlando is located in central Florida. It hosts major entertainment offerings like Universal Studios, making it a great destination for families and couples. Orlando hosts events all year round. In May, it features the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. It includes theater, music, and dance, perfect for any art lover.

If you don’t have a particular event to visit, you should go to Orlando in the late winter and spring. Temperatures are mild and usually dry. Off-peak months mean that there are not as many events. But if you want to go to popular locations, you’ll encounter fewer crowds. You can spend long hours there than you could during peak seasons.


Miami is located in southeastern Florida. Like Orlando, Miami is a leader in culture and entertainment. People of all backgrounds and with all interests can find something in the city. You can go to Miami at any point during the year. But peak months see huge crowds with long wait times.

Go to Miami in the spring to avoid crowds. March and April provide the warm weather of the summer without too many people around. But do not pick a random week in the spring for your Florida trip. Massive and hard-partying crowds arrive in Miami for their spring break. Schedule your vacation for a different week.

When visiting southern Florida, many people worry about hurricanes. Hurricane season runs from June to November, so going in the spring will dodge the storms. Even if you go during the season, the odds of you getting caught in a major hurricane are low. Most hurricanes are nothing more than large rainstorms.

Visiting the Theme Parks

Disney World and Sea World are also located near Orlando. They are open year-round, though they may close due to hurricanes. The peak seasons for the theme parks are similar to the peaks for the beaches. Most people go to them in the summertime.

But the theme parks also have a substantial holiday season. Many people go to Disney for Christmas and New Year’s. The parks are flooded with kids during school vacations, namely in February and April. March and September are your best months to visit. Crowds are small with fewer children. The weather is mild but pleasant enough to walk around and visit many attractions.

If you want to celebrate a holiday, consider going to Disney World in October. The park has month-long Halloween celebrations, but crowds remain smaller than in December.

A Month-by-Month Guide

January is the coolest month of the year, with average lows dropping below 50 degrees. The Florida Keys remain warm, but plenty of snowbirds head there. In February, temperatures increase slightly. Mardi Gras celebrations start at Universal Studios, and the Daytona 500 takes place.

March sees the start of spring. Popular events like the International Flower and Garden Festival take place. As mentioned previously, spring break brings a lot of students to the beaches, so don’t go to the beaches during this month.

April is when the temperatures start getting hot. Many smaller towns host events during this month, like the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival. If you want a mixture of beach time and art, go during April. May marks the start of summer in Florida. Crowds are on the smaller side until Memorial Day, so plan a May vacation for the early weeks.

June is Florida’s wettest month. Massive thunderstorms alternate with bright sunshine. Without reliable weather patterns, it may be hard to get time in at the beach. July is Florida’s hottest month. July 4th sees massive celebrations across the state, especially in Miami and Orlando. August is also very hot. The theme parks are crowded during the early weeks, though they think as the months go on.

In September, the temperatures decrease slightly. Crowds subside, but most seasonal attractions are still open. You can get to them, though thunderstorms may interrupt. October has mild temperatures without rain. Halloween attractions appear across the state.

November is the driest month with mild temperatures. The International Film Festival in Fort Lauderdale is perfect for film buffs. December is cold, but temperatures can hit the seventies in the major cities. Floridians like to celebrate Christmas with parades.

The Best Time to Visit Florida

Florida has attractions that are open year-round. It also has events every month that people of all interests can enjoy. You can visit the Sunshine State at any time, so the best time to visit Florida differs depending on what you want to do.

If you want to go to the beach, visit during April and November. If you want to go to Miami and Orlando, visit during March and April. To visit the theme parks, head to Florida in March and September. Visiting Florida is like visiting a whole other world. But you have to visit experts to make the most of your vacation. Follow our website for informative guides.