The Cloud Role of IT Asset Management


The Cloud platform has brought a significant change in the IT industry with its flexible solutions for data storage and other service access. Most of the enterprises have started acquiring a reliable platform to run their businesses integrated with the Cloud platform. Depending on the cloud service you adopted the role of IT Asset Manager’s role varies for an organization. KloudGin is a trusted cloud platform offering a variety of cloud-based services to enhance the productivity and overall growth of an enterprise.

About Asset Maintenance Software

Asset Maintenance Software has taken over the entire field service and other IT-related industries. Asset Management AWS provides a complete, user-friendly environment where all the employees and workers of an Industry can work collaboratively to see instant growth in sales and services.

IT Asset Manager handles different types of contracts, terms, and services, license terms. With the use of the Cloud platform, the role of IT Asset Manager has evolved as all these services which require high workforce have shifted over to the cloud. This way, an IT Asset Manager can easily handle a variety of tasks and provide proper access to the concerned person.

IT Asset Management
IT Asset Management

There are three different types of Cloud services available on the market for ITAM. If you are not aware of them, here we have explained each of them with brief information so you can have proper knowledge about different types of Cloud Services used in ITAM. Asset Management Software uses different types of cloud services which integrate with ITAM to provide the best of services.

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Types of Cloud Services in IT Asset Management

1. The Private Cloud

The Private Cloud is highly recommended Cloud platform for the IT Asset Management. Many organizations have opted for the Private Cloud for additional security of their data. The Private cloud offers higher security and privacy. The service is cost-effective which saves you a lot of money. It gives you all the controls of using the platform the way you want with the built-in tools and other useful sections.

Private Cloud gives you full access to the data, licenses and other useful information of the industry. This makes hectic and complex tasks much simpler for the users. It also provides 100% customer satisfaction by reducing the amount of time. Compared to the Open Cloud service, Private Cloud is more secure.

2. The Public Cloud

When an organization adopts the Public Cloud, the ITAM will have no any physical hardware. All the services will be done over the Internet through the Public Cloud based software. The Public cloud manages all the software deployment. It also takes care of all the licenses which are associated with the software deployed by an organization.

In many cases, managing assets of an organization get more complicated due to the lack of flexibility. The other reason is lack of hardware in the organization. Without the access of hardware components, an IT Asset Manager can’t rectify anything. Public Cloud Providers offer a limited set of features for the organizations with less security and privacy features compared to the Privacy Cloud. The service identifies which users are buying and using which service. With the base of the identification, an ITAM understands providing the most appropriate IT services to the customers.

3. The Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is a mixed platform of the Private and Public Cloud services. According to recent studies, over 50% of enterprises have opted for the hybrid Cloud services for their businesses. It provides additional data storage and other services when required. Many times, e.g., an e-commerce giant need extra space during Christmas season and different festive seasons. The Hybrid Cloud provides extra space when demands are high.

Organizations don’t require extra space for long, and by adopting the Hybrid Cloud service, they can get extra storage space whenever their demands are high. During this period, your organization doesn’t need to deploy additional hardware services as the Hybrid Cloud will handle all the requirements very well and provides proper space.

For ITAM, the Hybrid Cloud is much more complicated, but it is the most cost-effective platform to manage a variety of needs from the consumers in the most effective way. The adoption of the Cloud has changed the entire role of an IT Asset Manager as it simplifies various complex tasks and saves essential data which are easily accessible.