The Dangers of Not Replacing Missing Shingles ASAP

Should You Be Anxious About the Missing Shingles on Your Roof?

When you see missing shingles, you should act quickly and go for immediate repairs. Your roof shingles play a role in keeping your roof in its best condition.

If you’re not careful with your roof shingles, you have a higher risk of leaks, damages, and higher bills. Here are some reasons why you need to replace missing shingles ASAP.

Missing Shingles

The Dangers of Not Replacing Missing Shingles ASAP

Decreased Property Value

Your house’s exterior is the first thing that passersby and visitors will see. Missing shingles decreases the perceived and final value of your property. Inspectors and appraisers will decrease the roof repairs from the property’s total price.

Buyers want a roof that’s in great condition to avoid paying a lot for repairs or replacements. Your property looks neglected if you have missing shingles, causing you to lose possible buyers. Consider boosting your property value by hiring a professional roofing contractor.

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Leaks From the Ceiling

Your roof’s shingles act as protection between your house and outside elements. They stay against the roofline to let moisture and water slide away. If the shingles are missing, the water starts to soak the roofing materials below the shingles.

Although there’s a waterproof membrane below the shingles, they don’t always last. The water may leak through your roof and your ceiling. The best way to avoid leaks is to get your roof checked and repaired at least twice a year.

Creates A Nests For Insects

Open areas in your roof is an opportunity for insects to dig into the roofing materials. When you have missing shingles on a roof, moisture also accumulates in those areas. Insects will use that area to reproduce or lay eggs.

When those eggs find their way into your home, you’re at risk of pest infestation. You need to repair missing shingles on the roof to avoid insects nesting in your home.

Weakens Your Roof and Structure

A strong roof means that you are safe from storm damages. If some shingles are missing, outside elements can pull off the rest of your shingles. It will be easier for water to access your home and leak through your ceiling.

The longer the leaks continue, the more they can damage the rest of your home. Once it weakens the roof’s structure, the leaks may also threaten your wiring and sheetrock. The water may even pool around your home’s foundation, causing cracks.

Rising Energy Bills

Did you know that your roof shingles are what keeps your energy bills at a low cost every month? They reflect the sun’s UV rays to keep them from heating your home more than necessary. Missing shingles means that the sun can heat your attic and the upper floors of your home.

Once your home heats up, your HVAC system works overtime to keep up with the thermostat’s settings. The more your HVAC system runs, the higher the energy bills will cost each month. The same problem can happen when winter comes around.

Replace Missing Shingles on Your Roof Now

Missing shingles will damage not only your roof – but also the other parts of your home. You need to seek professional help to avoid getting persistent leaks, insects, and damages. Don’t let missing shingles miss the opportunity for high property value.

It’s an urgent matter to repair and replace missing shingles! Learn more about your roof shingles by checking out other guides.