The Future of Ecommerce in South Asia

South Asia, a region which hosts a whopping 1.7 billion people in the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and occupies 3.5% of the Earth’s land surface. The world’s most densely populated region has one of the most complex economies of modern times. Whilst the countries in this region are third-world, they are also some of the fastest developing in the world, with India being the fastest developing economy in the world. This unique socio-economic situation in today’s emerging digital era presents a lot of opportunities for businesses, specifically in the world of Ecommerce. So what is the future of Ecommerce in South Asia? Let’s look at it briefly:

Future of Ecommerce in South Asia

Ecommerce Sites in Sri Lanka. Credits: Leo Burnett Solutions on SlidePlayer

The Future of Ecommerce in South Asia

A Digital Renaissance

Computers along with the Internet has changed the way we live and communicate. Ecommerce sites, on the other hand, is changing the way we do business! Just in the neighboring country to South Asia lies the founding country of Ali Baba, China, which has now grown to be one of the largest ecommerce stores in the world! This shows potential, potential to take over the world! Some of the world’s top selling products now come from South Asia. The best part of South Asia’s young digital business industry is that there is much room for improvement through learning from mature ecommerce markets such as those in the West or China.

Ecommerce stores are not just operating in South Asian countries but thriving and even marketing themselves as viable options for buyers and sellers. It is surprisingly pleasing to see Ecommerce stores market themselves not just through digital marketing but also by traditional means such as TVC’s and billboards. As far as digital marketing is concerned, with the best deals and innovative campaigns, especially in Pakistan Ecommerce offers best deals in Pakistan to make your business strong, these Ecommerce stores are the kings!

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The Rise of South Asia
The Rise of South Asia

Digital businesses are not just about Ecommerce today. Brands which previously operated through traditional means are partly shifting towards digital platforms such as Nike throughout the world whilst some brands were created specifically for operating online such as Myntra in India. This has resulted in the constant growth of brands entering into the digital scene. The outcome? Increased competition, despite huge opportunities to grow and expand.

Competition is good as it shows growth in the sector! Pakistan, especially, has shown exponential potential recently! Online shopping in Pakistan come as often as the weekend deals! Sites such as sell all kinds of products! From smartphones and kitchen appliances to clothes and makeup essentials, there is no product that is not available! The same goes for other South Asian markets!

The future of Ecommerce looks bright in South Asia and it seems like there is no stopping it, especially considering its strong relationship with the ever-growing technology and IT sector of the region! Have you ever purchased a product form an Ecommerce store in South Asia? You might as well have to in the future!