The Future Of Technology-Driven Lives

Whenever you hear the word technology, what do you perceive? Most perceptions with this term are in relevance to change, innovation, creativity etc. There is no denying the fact that whenever a new technology is introduced, we, the people of earth are to witness something new, something unique, something different than ever before,  something with a touch of novelty in it, something with the glitter to attract the audience. In fact, the people today are depending on it like it is the last blow of breath for a drowning person.

Technology has enslaved the humankind and people believe that the meanings of their lives are lost if they are made deprived of the technological products being used in their everyday life. Sparing an observant glimpse on the current technologies prevailing in the world, we can easily predict what is more to come. In the next ten and twenty years, the world is going to see massive advancements in the world of technology. Here’s the list of technologies that are soon to be inaugurated with a hype to drive the lives of people with a complete technological magnitude.

The Future Technology

The Future Technology
The Future Technology

By 2023, it is said that people will have an online digital presence. The lives are going to be digitalized with the improvised internet connectivity and will enable 80% of the world’s population to be connected to the remote parts of the world.

Innovation in Smartphone

Super-computers are the next new thing. By the end of 2023, people will be leveraged to use super-computers by installing Smartphones with computing powers. Powerful isn’t it?

People are addicted to their smartphones undoubtedly. But are they attached too? Well, soon they will be. In 2023, the first implantable mobile phone will be officially available to consumers and will operate on brainwaves or signals rather than verbal dictations.

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Driverless Cars

People who love driving are going to be doomed soon. The time of driverless cars is on its way. In the United States of America, 10% of the cars will be driverless by 2026. These cars will not just be automatic but will also be enhanced with increased safety, reduced gas emissions and will use various models of transportation.

Artificial Intelligence and Robots

Sure the artificially intelligent machines and systems have started to prevail and serving in businesses, their service is going to be expanded. Robots with artificial intelligence are going to take white collar jobs and serve as a corporate official by 2026. This will improve the complex decision-making process and better handling of data in corporate structures.

Robots are already serving in the corporate sector. But have you ever wondered whether you will feel even healthier after being treated by a robot? Robot pharmacists are soon to be introduced and little time is left in their induction. The US will experience a robotic treatment in 2021 where a machine will replace their pharmacist and prescribe the medicines.


What’s next in line? Or it might be in the tube. Yes, it’s the floating pod I am talking about. Hyperloop is the new mode to travel soon to be announced in 2021. The giant will take people between cities with the speed of a bullet. But one needs not to worry. The pod will move inside low-pressure tubes and is designed to manage the magnitude to save the passengers from experiencing any jerks. A complete safety adventure ride.

Delivery Drone

How many times have you ordered something online? And how many days you had to wait for your order to arrive? Well, you better get rid of your waiting habit now. It is the era of super-duper delivery drones. By the end of 2020, the delivery drones will be replacing the logistic mechanism of big companies and delivering the goods to customers. Some companies have designed flying cars which are the delivery agents. But you know what the most exciting part is? It is completely driverless. Now imagine a car flying in the air without a driver or pilot.

Revolution in Coffee Industry

Coffee is such a powerful agent. This is the first choice of sleeping zombies to turn back into a normal, living, and active human being. But this is not the only power. The coffee wastes are no less. The company bio-bean has acknowledged the true use of technology and is planning to turn 200,000 tonnes of coffee waste produced every year by London’s coffee industry to generate heat and power support to buildings and transportation systems.


Technology is undeniably an energetic force and potent to turn the world on a 360-degree angle. It has already produced hefty technology driven freaks and is continuing on the run without breaking a sweat. The advancements all around give a clear indication of the world is about to turn into, given that, the mechanics of technology are uniformly rushing to the peak of improvement and advancement.