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Can you imagine a home in the urban city without a washing machine? In a nuclear family, the husband and wife go to work, the children to school or college and the seniors lead a retired life. Half of the work is taken care by electronic appliances such as washing machines. Compared to the old hard days, where the laundry has to be washed and cleaned with bare hands, to the smart washing machine, the chore has come a long way. In recent times, you can set on the washing machine via your mobile phone, get instant updates on the process and many more. But the fact has to be understood – the days have passed when you put the clothes in the washing machine and then checked if the clothes are cleaned. Nowadays, the appliances have been designed to be more customer and environment friendly.

Future Of Washing Machines

The appliance industry has been shaken out of its slumber because of the stiff competition. Now every brand is competing with its counterparts to attract the most number of customers. And it is you, the customer who gets the best benefits. Now, the target audience for most brands is the millennials. The manufacturing washing machine brands try to build a loyal customer base by various ways of digital marketing and try to foster an emotional connection.

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In every corner of the globe, environmental restrictions are abounding in every industry. That includes even the products manufactured. So, the new versions of washing machines have been designed to be more accurate in terms of washing, cleaning, and usage of water. In the good old days, only the work of the appliance and the name mattered. Little did the public worry about its design. But millennials want the worth for every penny. And the electronic appliance industry is toeing the line. Now, more than functionality, it is about the design and the brand.

So, you have washing machines with the most wonderful design. And the manufacturers have moved onto the next. You are likely to see washing machines which can accomplish multi-tasking jobs. You can wash two loads in a single time. Definitely, they will be front-loading models, but the duration of a process cycle will be short. Since many of the customers have complained about wasting time in the laundry, the future machines will have bigger capacities, and you can wash two loads in a single time.

Now, more manufacturers are implementing the Internet of Things in their products. The new appliances can send as well receive data. At present, many of the public look at the new appliances as a joke. But consider these situations. You initiated the process with a load in the washing machine. You go to buy fruits from the vendor who has come outside the house. Now you remember that you forgot to set the temperature. But with a smart washing machine, you can change the water temperature. And even get minute details to the second. And it is not just washing machines. You can find the “smart” appliances even in coffee makers, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, as well garbage cans.

For many retail giants, their consumer is more than a person who purchases the product. If you are a regular customer at a retail store, they will have information on your total budget, salary and then send you to email or text alerts to notify of the discounts. Now with competition rife on the horizon, the companies are focussing

more on research and financial analyses of their customers. Your printer gives an alert when the ink is below the desirable level.

Maintenance Level

Your job does not end after buying the appliance. You will have to do the necessary maintenance and act as per the instructions of the manufacturer. And if you notice a simple problem, it is better to resolve at the earliest possible. The smart refrigerator can notify if the child has left the fridge door open. It can also notify you of the unfavorable conditions in the washing machine. When you receive an alert, you can solve the simple problem at the instant, instead of allowing it to become complicated.

Save Money

Other than saving money, the smart washing machine can also save you money in the long run. The reason – these appliances provide valuable information on the usage of energy. So you can reduce the cost of electricity bills. In case you have bought a smart washer dryer, it is possible to receive alerts about the emptying of lint traps, reduction in internal temperature,

Communication Between Smart Appliances

When you mention smart appliance, it is connected to the internet and to your mobile phone. And they remain interconnected. It is only a matter of time before the smart appliances will become the mainstay of a home. They will pave the way for a stress-free lifestyle.

And every smart appliance has an app. It is the best way of detecting the problem. There will be queries and answers in the app for simple problems.

The Future Of Washing Machines
The Future Of Washing Machines


Let us imagine, even after the maintenance, the washing machine has gone on the road to malfunction. Now, you have to seek the service of a qualified washing machine technician. If it is the smart machine, then the app can give you details. If it is in the present day (2018) and you are in an urban city such as Hyderabad. You can take the help of the best technician or top quality washing machine service center in Hyderabad. A new set of companies have emerged which provide top quality handyman services at the customer’s doorstep. All you have to do is to download their app and make the call as per your convenience. The concerned technician will come and restore the appliance back to normal.