The Most Innovative Tech Gadgets that will Make Life Easier in 2020


Technology is evolving faster than ever. We can now talk to our phones; we can order almost anything online with a click of a button and we can control electronics with a simple hand motion. Experts believe that soon everything in our homes will be connected, from the TV to the fridge and the heater through the Internet of Things (IoT)! This may make certain tasks much easier, but we don’t know what the full effect will be – yet. So, while we wait for fully-automated homes, we can invest in a few innovative tech gadgets on the market that makes life so much easier. Let’s take a look at the top gadgets on the shelves today.

The Top Tech Gadgets in 2020

Most Innovative Tech Gadgets

From a mini portable heater to a meat monitor, there are so many new, innovative gadgets on the market that addresses different issues in our lives. Here are a few of the top gadgets for 2020:

1. MUAMA Instant Translator

  • Multiple Languages Translation: Support up to 40 languages translation, each language can be translated to each other.
  • Photographing Translation: Choose the language you want to translate, and take a photo of the original language text by your mobile phone, it can translate in high precision.
  • Voice Translation: Intelligent voice recognition technology to make cross language communication easier. Translate your speech into high quality foreign language text and transmit into voice output.
  • Two-Way Real Time Intercom: It can be used to communicate face to face, and solve communication obstacles. Giving you the most suitable translation results in real time, fast response in seconds.
  • Small and exquisite: pocket size, small and portable, so convenient to carry with wherever you go.

If you’re passionate about travelling, this gadget is the ideal addition to your backpack. Travelling can get you into tricky situations, especially if you get lost in translation. The MUAMA Instant Translator was designed specifically to be a solution for all those embarrassing situations when everyone speaks a different language. The MUAMA is a tiny portable device that allows anyone to have real-time, two-way communication with anyone speaking a different language. Want to order food or ask for directions in a foreign country? Simply press the button on the MUAMA device and hold it in until you have finished what you want to say. The translator will recognise the words and speak out the translated message. Incredible!

2. Photo Stick

  • Nothing to install
  • Fast- find and save 1000 photos in ten minutes. Saves 60,000 average size photos and videos. Works on both Mac and Windows. 128GB of storage.
  • Super easy to use – No passwords, no filenames, no cloud storage
  • Finds duplicates. Safe - just store in a safe location. Eliminate the vulnerabilities of the cloud.
  • 30 day money back guarantee!

You can replace your smart devices, but you can’t replace precious photos and videos. PhotoStick allows you to protect those special memories. It is not just any ordinary USB storage device. If you plug in PhotoStick it will immediately find and backup all your videos and photos. It can store around 60,000 files.

3. Samsung Galaxy S20

  • Power of 5G: Get next-level power for everything you love to do with Samsung Galaxy 5G; Share more, game harder, experience more and never miss a beat
  • Single Take AI: Capture video and multiple types of images with one tap of the shutter button; Lenses, effects and filters capture the best of every moment, every time
  • Hi-Res Camera Zoom: Capture hi-res images as if you’re 3 feet away, from 100 feet away; Whether you want to zoom in close from afar or magnify details nearby, the new 30x Space Zoom gives you impressive power and clarity
  • Bright Night Mode: Capture crisp images and vibrant video in Bright Night mode and create high-quality content in low light – no flash needed
  • Super Fast Charging: Charge up quicker with Super Fast Charge so you can keep moving with more juice; Give your buds – or Galaxy buds – a boost of power with Wireless PowerShare right from Galaxy S20 5G
  • All-Day Battery: Galaxy S20 5G’s intelligent battery uses an algorithm to learn from how you live to optimize power and take you through a day or more of work and life without ever giving out on you
  • Massive Storage: Generous storage out of the box and expandable memory means you never have to delete what’s important to you; Memory card sold separately
  • Included Components: Screen Protector Leaflet, Smart Switch Insert, Quick Reference Manual, Terms & Conditions/ Health & Safety Guide
  • Camera Description: Rear

The Galaxy S20 is the latest device from Samsung and comes with hundreds of functions and features that can help you do many daily tasks on the go. The new device has a 6.2-inch display neatly packed into an easy-to-handle design. The new phone features 8K video recording and three rear cameras: A 12MP wide-angle camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera and a 64MP telephoto camera. While this one may be a bist costly, many stores have specials on the new devices. A simple browse the latest catalogues from mobile stores such as MTN. They often have excellent promotions on the latest devices. This month in the MTN catalogue you can find introducing a new Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+.

4. Handy Heater

Believe it or not, but summer is gone and the colder months are fast approaching. Many people can’t go a day through winter without a heater. However, this can lead to a very expensive electricity bill. So, how can you stay warm while saving on electricity? Enter the Handy Heater. Handy Heater has no wire and plugs directly into a wall – easy. It features the latest technology and has a changeable thermostat, automatic shut-off feature and digital temperature display. It is the ideal addition to stay warm and cosy in the home or office.

5. Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

  • Compatible with any grill
  • Flip and serve notifications
  • Select doneness (medium-rare steak) and receive alerts when ready
  • Food readiness countdown and estimated cook time
  • Step-by-step assistance from setup to when it’s time to eat

Say goodbye to burnt veggies and raw meat! Weber invented this smart device that simply attaches to any grill and sync with a smartphone, so you can monitor your meat and vegetables better. The Connect Smart Grilling Hub allows you to watch the temperature and ‘done-ness’ carefully, so you know exactly when to turn items or when to take them off the grill.

6. Hydraloop

Water is incredibly valuable and the more you can save the better. With the Hydraloop device, which is as big a refrigerator, easily cleans and recycles around 85% of the water you use in your home. The Hydraloop also has an app which is used to keep you updated on the process, as well as the total water usage in your home. The recycled water from the device can be used for laundry, for dishes, for showers, the pool and more.

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Most of the gadgets that are designed today have the aim of making certain processes in our day-to-day lives easier. If you’re looking to free up some time during your day or simply want to make life easier for yourself, give one of the gadgets on this list a try!