The Perfect Snack For Your Next Party

Parties are a great time to explore new and fun foods and give your guests the chance to try things they wouldn’t have tried otherwise.  If you’re eager to bring some new flavors to the table: these are some snacks to try! 

A Funky Dessert Charcuterie Board

Who says party trays have to be boring?  Make a fun dessert charcuterie board by laying out chocolates, fruit, and candies in an eye-catching pattern that looks as fun as it is appetizing!  You can add cups of whipped cream or jelly and allow people to have fun making the dessert combos of their dreams.

Hot and Sweet Roasted Nuts

If you have nuts, pepper jelly dip, and an hour: you can make the most satisfyingly sweet and crunchy snack ever!  To make these, toss nuts of your choice in pepper jelly, and then roast on a lined baking sheet at your oven’s lowest temperature.  After around an hour, check them, and jiggle the sheet.  If they’re still very wet, give them another half hour.  They’ll firm up a little after they’re out of the oven, so if they’re not entirely dry, don’t worry!  These are good while warm or fine after a day or week as long as they’re in an air-sealed bag.  

Quick Cheesy Jalapeno Croissant Muffins

This may sound complicated: but it’s easier than you’d believe!  Croissant muffins can be quickly made with a few simple ingredients.  Shredded cheese, diced jalapenos, non-stick spray, and a can of instant croissants are all you need.  Spray a muffin tin with your favorite non-stick spray, and roll cheese and jalapeno bites within each croissant triangle before popping them in the muffin tins.  These can be topped with cream cheese after baking or enjoyed plain!  

Hummus and Veggie Boards

Hummus is the perfect dip because it can go with almost any veggie.  To take it as far as possible, consider making a couple of different kinds of humus, from spicy to garlic, to mixed with goat cheese, and allow people to pick whatever kind they like as they dip their veggies and crackers in it.  This will allow people to make their own flavor combinations and will leave everyone attending full yet still able to move around and enjoy the party.  You don’t want to leave your guests stuffed with snacks!

What People Want in a Party Snack

When people are at a party, they want a snack that can speak to all of their needs.  This generally means a fantastic hit of salty, sweet, and crunchy.  You could go the easy route and pick up chips and candy: but making your own treat is even better.

These need to be able to be eaten with fingers, low-mess, not prone to staining, and able to be eaten in less than a couple of bites.  Not only will this combination give you a snack everyone wants to enjoy, but you’ll also have to put far less work into creating it!

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Every Party Snack Should Be a Big Hit! 

Whether you’re serving up treats at a graduation or a birthday party, the food should be tasty!  Consider making some of these amazing treats, and you’ll wow your party at every turn!