The Ultimate Guidelines To Create Your Perfect Bathroom

It is time that you set a date for your bathroom remodelling because you can’t put it off any longer than you have already. Remodelling a bathroom is a big project and we do it to create some much-needed comfort in our lives and also to add value to our property. It can be a very exciting process but it can also be very stressful as well. There is a lot of pressure on you to make the right decisions because if you choose the wrong things then you can be pretty sure that your kids and your partner will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Depending on the size of your bathroom area, you might want to consider a 1200-bathroom or maybe even something smaller or maybe even bigger than this. Whenever you decide to choose, it is important that you utilise the space that you already have and so the following are just some essential guidelines that will hopefully help you to create the perfect bathroom that you’ve only been able to dream about up until now.

  1. Create more space – You need to choose wisely when it comes to picking out what it is that you want to put in your bathroom. You need to consider the many different sinks like a corner sink for example as well as a toilet that uses less water, a bathtub that fits flush to the wall and a shower with a sliding door. Some additional shelving and these will all help you to create more space in what is probably an already small room and so it allows you to be able to move around more freely.
  2. Consider entry/exit points – Depending on the amount of floor space that you have in your bathroom, you need to think about where you’re going to put the door and what can of door you would like to use. If you were to put a swinging door for example then on opening it, it might hit some of the cabinets and fixtures within your bathroom and so it would make a lot more sense here to fit a sliding door.
  3. The vanity/sink height – Many people only think about this after they have installed everything and by then it’s probably too late. You need to make sure that you place these items at asuitable height so that you don’t have to bend down too much to be able to use the sink and that you can stand at your full head height and be able to easily use the mirror to apply make-up or to shave first thing in the morning.

Then there is the shower size to think about because you need to remember that this is a shower that you’re only going to be in for 5 to 10 minutes a day and so it might not have to have a large base to be functional.