The World’s Top 3 Unforgettable Luxury Travel Destinations

As an event concierge company, you get to see and do a lot. As much as you get to travel, from Paris to Hong Kong, New York to China, Ecuador to Nice, you see and experience the best the world has to offer in terms of travel destinations. And not one time will you ever get bored with any of them.

There is possibly too much to do and see for any one person to ever get tired of traveling, especially to the most luxurious destinations where they really know how to take care of you. These posh hideouts present the best in cultural, historical, natural, and even man-made sites, cuisines, and activities while guaranteeing the utter best in hospitality.

With the use of a concierge service, you won’t have to worry about making plans, and can do what you really intended to do. Let your hair down and have some fun. Let us book everything for you. From the moment you touch down to the day you leave, you will not have to do anything but enjoy your vacation.

What Is the Most Luxurious Place on Earth?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the travel management industry and fun enough fun, even after years of travel, comparison, and immature arguments, no one can agree on any one place. It is like asking how the pyramids were built. Not even the Egyptians know.

But a few places keep cropping up and we did you the luxury of letting you decide for yourself. Below are contenders for the most unforgettable luxury travel destinations in the world.


Monaco, as small as it is, has a plethora of excitement to offer. Known as a luxury vacation destination for the mega-rich, you can expect things to get a little crazy. From an aesthetic point of view, the country is laden with French, Spanish, and Italian architectural styles, like the Capriccio movement, especially in Monte Carlo. The Palais du Prince, which dates back to the 13th century, has one of its main attractions as a gallery modeled in Italianate design.

Now, to the crown jewel of Monaco, the French Riviera. From seaside resorts, yachts, unbelievably blue waters, Roman architecture, and millionaires prancing around everywhere, the coastline is more than one can handle. The beauty and pure opulence of this little stretch of coast are not rivaled anywhere else. Here, expect your average restaurant to look like an art museum. This is made absolutely breathtaking by adding stunning views from outside dining options.

Timed right, you can get to witness the Formula One Grand Prix from late May to early June, another event known for famous faces where the rich and well-connected come to rub shoulders. Finally, we cannot talk about Monaco without mentioning yachts. You wouldn’t go to Egypt and not see the pyramids, would you? Nothing says Monaco more than a day out at sea on a yacht with a cold beverage in your hand and the sun in your face.


Synonymous with lavish hotels, tall skyscrapers, and super-rich princes, Dubai also offers activities to get your heart pumping. Try sand boarding down enormous dunes in the desert at sunset. That’s right, I said sand boarding. You have a breathtaking view of endless dunes of golden sand and if you time it right, you can catch the sun setting over the city in an orange burst of light.

Picture hiring a helicopter to avoid a 45-minute car ride out into the desert. Now, picture doing the same for a Steinway grand piano and an opera singer just to play your favorite tune on top of a dune while the sun sets. Unbelievably, that’s an actual service offered by desert safari companies such as Ultimate Luxury Desert Safaris in Dubai.

If you want to have the most luxurious dining experience Dubai has to offer while simultaneously burning a huge hole in your wallet, you can sample wine and fresh seafood at Ossiano Atlantis the Palm, a MICHELIN-star restaurant inspired by marine life. Famed for being the most expensive eatery in Dubai, the underwater bar and restaurant is a must-experience if you’re into fine dining and out-of-the-box experiences.


Deep-pocketed travelers have been known to frequent Rome for the Michelin-starred restaurants and one-of-a-kind hotel with historic roman ruins in Rome incorporated into the architecture.

From the inventive molecular dishes of a Michelin-starred hotel, Mistral, to the 400 candles that illuminate La Sonda, and the double infinity pools of Capri, Italy has more than earned its spot among the most luxurious travel destinations.

We dare not forget the vibrant fashion shopping culture in Milan. With brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, and Prada operating under one roof, all your high-end fashion needs can be serviced in the same shopping mall.

If you like following celebrity news, you would be excited to stay at the Baglioni Hotel Regina, where Lady Gaga has been known to frequent, and get your food prepared by a chef that’s fixed plates for George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez.

The Italian experience is not quite complete without a good sampling of cuisine. Fortunately, Amalfi has 9 Michelin-rated restaurants. From Mediterranean food, Campania cuisine, and indigenous recipes, you are in for a first-class culinary explosion experienced by a few.

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How Much Does a Luxury Vacation Cost?

Places like Amanzoe in Greece charge upwards of $11,000 a night per guest. The Hotel Plaza Athenee, France will cost you $27,000 for an overnight stay. The Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada will set you back $35,450. If you want to sample the finest of dining experiences, establishments like Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain charge a whopping $2,380 charge per head. The Mark Hotel, a New York hotel overseeing Central Park, will cost you $86,000 per night.

If we’re talking about an ultra-luxurious vacation where you visit 5 cities and decently indulge in the finest and most exclusive hotels and attractions, a cool million dollars should do it, give or take. Remember, that there are 5 cities inclusive of air travel. From there, we can extrapolate down to fewer destinations and not have to eat the most expensive meals in the world.

However, a really good itinerary in Greece could also burn through a million dollars, but we’re talking about the absolute best of everything from private jets to villas, helicopter rides, beach clubs, progressive dining, luxury tours, kite surfing, and the finest in spa treatments. The kind of thing most human beings, let alone Americans, cannot even dream of affording in their lifetime.

A super luxurious private jet charter offers a cheese holiday package with a customized itinerary starting at $300,000 without hotel costs. This just goes to show how diverse the luxury vacation business is. In this regard, I’d say it depends on what your fancy is. You may prefer to be sampling wine in the foothills of Bordeaux or chewing on a $25,000 Grand Velas taco infused with gold flakes. Whatever you like, if you go for the absolute plush version of everything, you are bound to rack up a good bill. If I were to go with a range that I know can fit even the most opulent of itineraries, I’d say $500,000 to $1 million.

What’s a 7-Star Hotel?

7-star is not an official rating but was adopted to label hotels that have ridiculous and overstated luxurious accommodations and services. One of the best examples of a 7-star hotel would be the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. To start things off, it is one of the tallest hotels on the globe and sits on a man-made island. Rolls Royce chauffeurs and dedicated butlers are part of Burj Al Arab’s 7-star experience.

Collapsible roofs, wading pools, Happiness, and Karma lounges are the hallmarks of another hotel worthy of 7-star status. Pangu 7-Star Hotel – Beijing, China incorporates modern furniture that pays subtle homage to ancient Chinese culture. The dragon-shaped Pangu Plaza, high-tech amenities, and luxurious spa are what give this hotel its 7-star status.

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